New grower needs some advince

these are in a 4x4 tent and I don’t know if I have to many in there. WIN_20181217_18_24_05_Pro|690x388

there are 6 white widow auto these are in the sixth week


Yes prune them a lil an flip lights buddy got a lot of undergrowth not going to do anything, also suggest to add more lighting before you put to flower…an pull a few clones to fill that space again nicely 3 to 4 max i do one generally in 3x3 but i push veg time 4 to 5 months for size

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Or pull two clean four up an flower them then put the other 2 back

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Waiting on another 600 wat led light should be her Friday. if I put two in a closet and leave 4 in the tent they should be ok? hopefully the two in the closet will make it even if they don’t yield as much. I will know better next time.

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split the crop to fit your space and closest. Plan on extra when do this again…cull the weak ones, Keep the strong ones.

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I have to agree. 42 days of Auto Flower you should be seeing more defined structure. Would thin them, pick the hardiest/most advanced to stay and closet the others. Don’t know if you turned off the lights for the pic but looks dim to me and very Jungle like. Hope you can bring them around in time.

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My auto flowering Amensia Haze is about a foot tall and starting to flower today. I planted it the day before thanksgiving. It is bushy and beautiful but no height at all. I just topped them Sunday. Any ideas on height.

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I will get some better pics tomorrow. and yes the lights were off for there rest period

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some new pics after taking 2 out of tent

and cleaning up plants date on pics wrong

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Did you top at all?

no I have read not to top auto and I don’t know how lol its my first grow feel lucky to get this far

A 4x4 tent is 16 sq. ft. 2 sq. ft. per plant you should be more than enough room and 6th week of what ? veg or flower you don’t say.

And thank You @Sixpackdad for the correction 1

16 square feet :slightly_smiling_face:

6 weeks total grow

What did your dry yield look like?

there just mow flowering I ment to say they have been growing for six weeks

Ah I understand, quick question though. I’m thinking of getting a 4x4 grow tent myself, what does your fan and ventilation system look like?