2cd grow indoor soilless 400mh+400hps, white widow auto, Colorado cookie auto, Pineapple Express auto

These are some pics of my second batch that are almost 8 weeks old. The support ticket is at the bottom. My first batch were pretty damaged at this point in their lifecycle, these ladies are doing much better. But still, some have wicked dark green leaves, perhaps from overnuting,some have some yellowing on bottom fan leaves, some have some purplish leaves, perhaps from undernuting. Thought I would share.

Happy new year everyone. Thanks for all the help and support in 2017.



Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA: 7 ILGM white widow auto, 1 Dutch passion Colorado cookies auto, 1 G13 Pineapple Express auto.

Age from sprout 54 days
Age from flower about 26

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? Coco based soilless potting soil from Roots Organics, 5 gallon pots, six WWA are doubled up in single pots, one WWA, the CC, and the PE are in their own pot

How often do I water and how do I determine when to water: generally 2, sometimes 3, times a week. One to one and a half gallons per pot

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? ph is 5.8 going in, ph of runoff is currently between 6.2 and 6.5 depending on the pot

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS. Tap water tds is 180ppm. After adding nutes in most recent feeding total tds was about 750, so about 570 of nutes.

Flower power bloom is being used, and am using half of recommended dosage due to generally high tds of runoff when I water, which currently ranges from 1270 to 2230. Only feeding once a week.

Indoor or Outdoor: indoor

Room size is 33x46” floor, 7 feet high, mylared walls

Light system, size, height from plants: 400 w hps and 400w mh lamps, running concurrently, magnetic ballast, 20 on, 4 off, Plant tops about 18 inches from bulb, height adjustable

Temps; Day, Night: 80 day, 70 night

Humidity; Day, Night: 30 to 50 percent, varies with outside weather

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size: 2 120 cfm exhaust, one 120 cfm intake, one fan for air circulation. Ventilation only on during light cycle

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: no

Co2; Yes, No: no

Plants were likely over-nuted during first month of growth. When I started measuring runoff about a month in, tds ranged from 2800 to 3800pmm. Because of this, they went some weeks without nutes until TDS got down below 1500 and I started to see some yellowing and purplish fan leaves on some of the plants.

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I will put some charts to help identify what she may have… Also you runoff is to high at 6.5…for soilless need to be 5.5-5.8. tabla-rango-PH-tierra-e-hydro-1


You’re better off waiting on the coco guys, because I feel like they water daily. The dark green is usually a sign of too much nitrogen, and the deficiency you’re seeing could be pk or calmag.

But before doing anything with any of that stuff, I suspect you may just have some build up in your growing media. I don’t grow in coco or have any experience with the flower power. And it’s just as likely a good flush and getting to recommended nutrient schedule will have you in business. So let’s see if one of the coco guys can help you out.


@Sixpackdad just stopping by, I second @dbrn32 suggestion with a build up. I also think it may be the ph, because it’s a little high on some of them. This could be causing a nitrogen issue. I would wait for a coco grower to be sure though. Soil here. More help. @Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971


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I am going to be away for a few days with the growroom on autopilot so I took some action as the soil was dry and needed watering anyway. Hopefully this doesn’t stretch to far from what others may suggest.

I flushed each plant with 12 to 16 liters of 5.8pH, 180 ppm well water. At the end, each plants runoff was between 400 and 500ppm, with pH between 6.5 and 6.9. I then gave them a bit of time and then added nutes of 5.8 and 1200 ppm to runoff. Runoff tested between 550 and 700 ppm, pH between 6.4 and 6.6.

I also ran out of bloom flower power fert and had to use grow instead. :pensive:

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If you flushed them and are still raising almost a whole point on ph there’s definitely something not quite jiving there. Hopefully someone that can help more will be by soon.


I use a watering carrot system @Countryboyjvd1971 turned me on to be a week for me will update everything when I get back I now country likes his

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For sanity sake I calibrated the tds and ph meters which are about a month old. The tds read 1530 in 1500 solution and I tweaked it down. The ph meter read 7.07 in the 6.86 solution. I tweaked it down and tested in 4.01 and come out at that on the dot.

I’ll post some picks but some leaves are starting to curl - tips and edges coming up and in.

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Second grow

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@discobot start new user

I’ve moved to watering daily and alternating water and feed days. Ph of 5.8 and, when feeding, increase of 300 of tds to my well water which starts at about 180. I did this after reading @Myfriendis410 coco journal, and particularly @garrigan62 post about watering coco daily with a fraction of recommended nute dosage when feeding. I started with feed yesterday. Runoff was between 750 and 1000ppm and ph was between 6.2 to 6.5 depending on the plant. It’s still high on the ph, but I’ll see over time how it plays out.

The kids look good with about a month to go.



I m glad you saw that post and i really hope that it works out for ya. If you want to please tag me and i’ll be able to follow your thread.

Will smoking-hookah

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@garrigan62 is this tagging, or is something else needed. Still new at this

Glad I was able to point you in the right direction. I too thought it was important information and I might do well to read read it. Thanks @garrigan62 Will!


You got it my friend


Go ahead and copy and paste any of my post to your files

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Oh I have been! You’ve got the best lessons haha.

Hi everyone I haven’t checked in in a while and hope everyone is doing well. I am about a week before I chop, lots of cloudy trachome, some clear and a few amber. I am week 9 Of flowering

I’ve been watering pretty much daily using the method above, about a quarter recommended nutes. Had an issue where I ran out of bloom, and switched back to grow until that ran out. I went about a week without any nutes until the bloom got shipped in from ilgm. Definitely impacted the plants, some yellowed, some purples, some both, and some were just fine.

Still got some minor Fox tailing though. Plants are 20 or so inches from the ligh and temps around 78. Buds seem much denser than my last grow.

Here’s some pics. Gravity vs. buds, gravity is winning in some cases

These are the white widow autos

Accidentally crushed this gal when a dropped my humidifier on her while cleaning. She got really purple

The Colorado cookie auto

And my fav of the bunch. I sometimes just stare at the huge dense cola and big buds from the secondaries. Pineapple Express auto

Home sweet home smells glorious


Great looking plants! They are heavy! Can you string those up until they finish? Or just let them ride, either way, nice job!

Very nice my friend! @Sixpackdad. Your in the jome stretch. They are all fatty girls. I love some multi strain BBB porn (big,beautiful,buds)
Cant wait to hear what the final weights are they are all beautiful!

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