Nutes for a noob to start with?

So I’m sure a few of you have seen me pop up on here lately. I’ve grown a few plants before with just dirt and water and did alright. But I’ve researched and know pretty much how. I just need to get in my groove. I’m just curious if getting the ff trio is the best and easier nutes to use. I’m gonna be using ffof for my medium and instead of sledgehammer I’m gonna use GH florakleen. Is the trio the easiest? I’m getting vivosun ph and tds meters with a 7.0 calibration solution. So anybody able to help me out?

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I had a similar post earlier…was reccomended advanced nutrients and Jack’s 321

It is pretty simple but the pain of using them is all the required flushes. It gets old pretty quick. I’d suggest jacks 321. Just part A, part B and a bag of normal epsom salt. You use the same dosage throughout (3.6g part A, 2.4g part B and 1.2g epsom salt) so no changing nutes or anything. I just started using them so no results not report on but many here have excellent results with it.


Yea, I heard Jack’s 321 also. Thanks. I’m gonna read into the other 2 and see what I like the most and price way.

Fox farm 3 step I swear by it my fan gas used this product for three generations of growers and we all stand by it and it is majority organic

Here’s a little tip mix a tablespoon or 2 of this in your starting soil and you won’t have to fert for the first 3-4 weeks saving you on a flush

I will throw another option for you dyna-gro. 2 bottles veg and Bloom. don’t get no easier than that. I’m with
@BobbyDigital on flashes that can get to be pretty time-consuming with three or four plants.

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