Has anyone used GH nutes?

So I was thinking about getting the fox farms trio for some nutes to use for my ak47 and zkittles autos I’m getting ready to start. I need a flush if I do, and was wondering if anyone has used florakleen to flush. Does it work well with the ff trio? Or does it work better with the general hydroponics nutes? And has anyone used them? I’ve never heard anyone talk about them. Its always the ff trio… so has anyone tried the GH nutes and the GH florakleen flush? If so how good are they?

Oh, I forgot to mention I’ll be using ffof for my medium. Mentioning that really helps. Lol.

Have used gh in the past not a bad product just have to use a lot a water to flush but got a qtr lboff my first grow I have since went with organic bite les flushing just dress and water

This is a pic off the bud using gh nutes

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Forgot to mention using happy frog medium

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I’m gonna be using ocean forest for my medium when I get some extra cash to get some. Probably gonna get some perlite to put some more in. But I might use them. I’m really think I’m gonna do the fox farm trio and use florakleen to flush.

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I started with the trio, and now i am using gh,
I’ve use the florakleen with both, currently researching jacks 321 seems to be the latest buzz around here

Is the gh working better then the trio? Do you need to flush less? And I’ve heard Jack’s 321 is amazing. Everyone is swearing by it.

I cant tell any difference

So still works great. I think I’m just gonna get the florakleen and the ff trio.

gh nuted on this bush

heres some from trio

It all looks great to me. Lol. Autos or photo?

All autos, switching to photos now

Which do you prefer, and why?

Looking for more yield, autos can be finicky

check this auto out

These are my first photos, only have been growing for a year

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Good luck. Your autos look great. I’m starting with autos myself (ak47 and zkittlez) both from ILGM. But I dont have the time for photos, or a good enough set up. I need better lights and all that. And I’m too broke for that. Lol. So im using the lights I have now for autos. Maybe when I get more things and a better set up I’ll try photos myself. I’d love to have the massive yields they have.