Nutrient packages

As I journey on my next grow I want to look into other basic nutrient kits without having to spend on 10+ different things. I used the fox farm trio but really didn’t follow the strict guide. I winged a little here and there maybe got off a little because the plant did show some clawing and burnt tips but overall I liked that look. What do you use for soil growing? What do you reccomend for a novice?

Advanced Nutrients. PH perfect. The easiest Nutrients I have ever used.


Thanks @AutoMattik I think I saw your grow. Was it white widow?

Jacks 321 and I use the FF Dirty Dozen with Kelp me, kelp you and Wholly Mackerel. :+1::+1::+1:


No. Last was Northern Lights. Now almost done with some Boss Hogg and AK47. Feel free to hop on my journal. Peace

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I saw the dirty dozen but my anxiety isn’t ready for that much. But I’m guessing that’s what gets the massive results like the monsters you grow! I know the more you give your plants the more they give back. To be honest I was happy to have one or two buds my first grow really

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@Actually no…I haven’t used it yet. I grow monsters off just the FF Trio. I have to deplete my brand new FFOF soil before I can use the Dirty Dozen. One 15 gallon fabric pot is done. I am depleting the 2nd bag right now. :+1::+1::+1:

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@AutoMattik something like this?

I use Sensi Grow and Sensi bloom for the base nutrients. Then start the additives.

I’m not a fan of AN simply because it is hard to find N,P,K ratios on their product line.

Jack’s 3-2-1 is the most cost effective one right now and a LOT of experienced, serious growers (ones I listen to) are going to this.

I’ve dealt with 3 people in the last 24 hours that are using AN PH Perfect.

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I want to avoid issues at all costs. I’m certainly happy with the FF trio just wanted to explore other options. I’ve heard a lot of good about Jack’s also. Am leaning that way currently. Thanks @Myfriendis410 for the advice!