First time grow nutrient recommendations

I just started my grow im about a month in using ffhf and ffof half and half for the first month but have been wondering what amendments i need to add i havent been using any so far and everything seems fine 2 plants seem to have stunted growth dont know why exactly. Honestly just wondering what would be best for feeding the plants once nutrients in the soil are used up.


Welcome to the community ! Plants look nice and healthy but you’re ready for a transplant. A lot of good products on the market to feed plants with , just pick one and stick with it. Happy growing :v:


I wish I had started out with Jacks 321 when I first started growing.

I switched to it last summer and don’t think I’ll ever choose anything different. Healthiest plants I’ve ever grown.

Many growers here swear by it… including me.

It is simple, easy and cheap with no periodic flushing required.


Easiest and cheapest. Jacks 321. It’s part A (15-12-26), Part B (calcium nitrate), and Epsom salt. Same mix throught the entire grow.


I’m going to be switching to jacks 321 for my next nute purchase. Def the way to go. Cheap. Simple. Effective. Right now I’m using like 15-16 different products. I like what I see when I read journals and more than 1/2 are jacks 321 plants. I’ve been using GH, FoxF, Techna Flora. I enjoy preparing water for feed but I fear my regimen needs some simplification lol.


I just reserved my permanent seat on the Jack’s train. It’s so much easier than liquid nutes and syringes. It’s also so economical it’s almost unbelievable. I’m gonna use some different supplements with it next time because I can’t help myself, but Jack’s is as good as any two or three part liquid nutrient line for a fraction of the cost. I just ate dinner and am going to start trimming my first harvest using Jack’s right now. It looks like it’s gonna be a nice one.

If you do want to use liquid nutes then I like General Hydroponics Flora Trio and the cocoforcannabis feed chart. I’ve seen some good grows with most all of the major brands though. Any reputable nutrient line will get your plants the NPK they need. It’s just that some of them end up costing way more.


welcome to the community


Tent looks awfully big for light in picture, this may be reason you feel they are slow and look a bit stretched out. I agree with others on nutrients, if you want simple and affordable jacks with calcium nitrate and epsom the way to go.


That is an awesome picture! :blush::v:


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good catch, @Mrdigby420 what light are you using?


I have 3 more of them they are hyperlite 250w 4000k color spec just having set the other 3 up waiting on light hangers atm


Its a hyperlite 250w 4000k color spec i have 3 others just having to wait on light hangers they should be here tomorrow from amazon.


those are cool but they have a nice price tag. @dbrn32 have you heard of these lights for growing?


That is most definitely a beautiful room. I try to stick to the basics I personally am using ilgm Bergman’s plant food set for the first time and it looks to be doing well. I am an old school and not used to autoflowers personally which I’m growing now but one of the things I always keep in my regimen is hydrogen peroxide,Epsom salt, and believe it or not a small amount of my own urine. Just make sure it sits for a while very very helpful in the pH process. I can’t express very very small amount. Or lemon juice.


I can tell you as a fox farm trio user that the schedule is hot. Atleast for hydroponics. If you decide to go with ff trio use half str nutrients at first. If it says 1tsp per gallon, use 1/2tsp respectively down the line. And monitor the results. If you show signs of underfeeding bump up the next feeding a little bit. Take notes. Record your ec/tds and pH. And ultimately once you push them to the point of mild tip burn back them off some and run with it. Again though i am working with hydroponics and its much easier to correct an over/under feeding issue. Slow and steady wins the race.


And of youre going to use the salts such as Open Sesame, Beasty Bloomz and Cha Ching. I find that running half str main nutrients and then full str boosters works out amazing. No deficiencies, no burn, no herms.


Not these specifically, but i have seen lights like them. Depending on quality of components used they can be pretty good. Advertisement says 140 lm/watt, which isn’t terrible.


I was told to use them from my boss im a cultivator and he has been helping me out alot with it and suggested 4 of them for the 5x5 gorilla tent he has had them for a couple years and said never had any problem with them. They are like 300 bucks cheaper than the kind x2 i believe.

awesome, those gorilla tents are sweet.