Nutes by Number

I know a lot of you have favorite name brand nutrients, but what about NPK ratios? Do you have specific NPK ratios that you feel work best for veg, early flower, and late flower?

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Jacks 321 ratio will feed from seed to harvest.

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TBH, I’ve never looked at the ratios of anything until last week. I was overloaded on nitrogen and wanted to make sure I omitted anything with an abundance of nitrogen.

Until then I just went with what my Fox Farm Schedule told me to.

I’ve never read on this forum where someone spoke about actual NPK ratios.

At most I’ve read people talk about how the plants need more Nitrogen in Veg and More Phosphorus in Flower.

Im curious now too…


This is basically where I am with one of mine. So I double checked the nutes I’ve been using and they are way N heavy. They seem to enjoy it during veg, as long as nothing gets out of whack, and it’s probably okay for early flower, but it’s way too much N and not nearly enough P and K for late flower.


What are you line of nutrients are you using?

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I don’t remember the brand. It’s something I could get locally without spending a small fortune. It’s labeled as 24-8-16.

I basically got it as a stop-gap until I could get something better, but like I said, they seem to like it during veg.

My little photo is growing ½"-¾" a day.

Someone just posted yesterday or a few days ago about a line of nutes that cost him $47 for everything and he likes the stuff… they were dry nutrients. Let me see if I can’t find that.

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