New larger grow help

Ok so just harvested my 2 big girls that where fed on the GH Flora Trio and now have all my cuttings from the 2 into my 4x8 and all now in 5gal pots they are all in fox farms OF HF 50/50 mix im going to have to start feeding nutes soon but don’t know if I should stick with the GH nutes or switch it up to different nutes as all of the cuttings have never been fed nutes yet I like the idea of top dress nutes like Giai Green I

would like some thoughts of what I should possibly do from here


@Covertgrower @Hellraiser

Looks great, nice setup!

Lots of choices for nutes out there. I used Advanced Nutrients for years and was very happy with it, moving on to Jacks 321 for the simplicity and convenience of it. Nothing wrong with GH nutes if you were happy with the results.

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Hard to say how much I like them dont get me wrong I don’t see any issues so far but at the same time its all I’ve used in the last 2 months as the 2 originals plants I got already in flower plus I’m going to start to run low on nutes and want good options in mind also I like simplicity as well lol seeing there are over a dozen plants in my 4x8 now lol

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Gonna get crowded and fast!

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I plan on doing 2 levels of scrog nets but also will have my 2x4 available in the next week as well

How do you feed the jacks is it a top dress?

It’s a powder nutrient mix, add water.

Per gal mixture is
3.6g of Part A
2.4g of Part B
1.2g of Epsom salt