Jacks321 Curiosity

Hello fellows! I have a question for you. I am trying to build my own nutrients ratios by mixing a couple of nutrients.

I would like to imitate FF trio or Jacks321.

Looking at Jacks321 schedule feeding, it states to feed with the bloom 10-30-20 the first two weeks (stretching phase?). Then to switch to 12-4-16 or similar during the flowering phase.

The 12-4-16 is similar to the Veg nutrient. Why this choice in such phase? I am curious and willing to understand better.

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Are you trying to mix your own dry amendments or will they be liquids

Hi @GreenSnek

I am doing a lot of experiments. In this round I am trying to mix dry nutrients water soluble.

Also you’re not looking looking at their 321 schedule your looking at their plain and simple schedule BIG difference

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Oh thanks! Where can I find the full schedule please?

This is literally it you give it the exact same from week 3(1 if your medium Is inert) to harvest

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Following this feeding for all phases? 3.6g/gal of A + 2.4g/gal of B + epsom?

If yes doing some math one is giving almost 13-12-26 always.

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My mental math has the ratio at roughly 22-15-34 but yea basically less phosphorus then you’d think pot would need but the pros around here get great results from it and as long as you incorporate the calcium and magnesium from this blend your personal blend will probably be fine personally I’d make sure my medium has a bit of compost for the living bacteria and would add molasses but that’s my preference

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You mean 22-15-34 is your preferred ratio and not the result of jacks A+B, right?

That’s the ratio i got from multiplying "a"by 1/3 then adding 15 to the nitrogen but then I realized all I had to do was multiply 15 by 2/3=10 and just add that for 15-12-26

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Exactly! I did the calculation on 1g of A and ½g of B per 1 litre that is why 12.5-12-26. But yes the right ratio is 15-12-26.

This key, and I’m not having either of those deficiencies. I had a touch of claw, but I’ll blame the plant. There was only one strain that didn’t like it. Everyone else had great growth.

I did use bloom boosters first 3 weeks of flowering, but other than that it was the recipe of 321.

Fox farms in my opinion over feeds a lot, and requires more flushing. Jacks is a small amount, over a long period, and I feed every time.

I also agree that beneficial bacteria really help. I got different terpenes from my sour diesel this round. It’s a citrus fuel this round, which leads me to believe there’s stuff happened better below the soil. Regardless of the brand any one grower prefers, I feel they’re important. I am using mammoth P, but when that runs out I’ll switch to Tribus. @GoodMafia


I’m curious as to why you want to mimic the 321 recipe with something else instead of just using it?


@Covertgrower Thanks for the valuable infos.

@dbrn32 hehehe good question! I live in an unstable country that lacks of supplies. Moreover we are having a dramatic economic crisis. If I order online a bottle of Jacks321 costs me one salary which is not affordable.

Maybe I will launch my brand one day :joy::joy: GoodMafia Boom


Have you tried hydro buddy?

Not yet! Do you mean a hydro system or solid hydro medium?

I am trying to understand and read the plant first. If a hydro system is affordable I will give it a try.

You’d be surprised how easy and cheap it is to set up a hydro tank all you need is 2 aquarium oxygenator pumps, a medium shallow container with lid,hydro cups,rockwool, clay pebbles, tds and ph meter


@GoodMafia what country do you live in? Just curious

Ill be switching from Ffarm to Jacks 321 next week on a new grow

Hydro buddy is software you should be able to download, will help with getting your recipe complete.