Nute Burn? New grower

So here are the plants about 12 hours after feeding the exact amount recommended by fox farms fruit and flower. Do these look nutrient burnt? Haven’t checked runoff since this morning but i dont want to water again if i dont have to.

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I will say those little buds look great!

So no on the nute burn? Lol i just fed today for the first time. Ppms were running low last watering. Wondering if i need to flush. Weird is that the smaller wedding cake auto isnt really affected but the large bubba kush auto seems worse. Both received same amount of nutrients at same time with same water.

What was the run off PH and PPMS🤟

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They look a little burnt but in a good way - the tips of the fan leaves are just beginning to crisp, like painted fingernails. I wouldn’t add any more than what you added, because it’ll risk a true nute burn, but it’s a sign that she’s taking exactly as much as she can.


Hi there. those look like some big buddies starting. Gonna get bigger.

Just to show how looks can be deceiving. Here is a lens cover about the size of a nickel.

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These are not big at all. Just feel like i am wasting my time at this point. All of the checking and feeding and this and that. I might have gotten myself into something that’s too much for me. I appreciate all the support but i might just let these finish and be done. The wedding cake i had growing in my 2x2 tent is now dead. Woke up this morning to it just slupt over. Went to pick it up and it was like the roots just came unattached. Looking at other newbie grows and how successful they are and how i seem to be behind on everything. I think i will just continue to buy it instead of grow it…thanks to everyone for support but i believe im out. Good luck to everyone.

Before giving up may i suggest a different style? Using a living soil will allow you to just water. A 60 dollar investment will grow 10 plants in 5gallon start to finish. No testing. No ph balancing. No nute mixes. Just water. Too early to give up. You just need YOUR groove. All you will have to control is environment and that can be a pretty wide range. Earth Dust is what some of us use. There are other brands similar but the ED does me well. Perhaps a simple organic grow till get comfy then can try the grow fast way. I would hate to see you quit if have all the gear and just need a simple soil/nute combo.


Never hit them right off the bat with a full nutrient feeding of anything. Esp anything Fox Farm. Nutrient burn will get all the tips of all the leaves from top to bottom. Light burn get’s the top 1/4 to 1/3 of the plant. Those plants in your last picture need watered bad. They are wilting and dropping.

Yea im thinking about tossing them. They are small and pathetic. Haven’t grown in weeks

The larger one smells like shit shwag. And buds turning brown

@Ripwater12 completely agree with @Storm . You gotta find YOUR groove and grow with a medium and style that makes you happy. Simple living soils take all the “chasing numbers” out of the equation you might add recharge towards flowering just to keep the soil healthy but other than that the plants grow themselves. You’ve already invested in what you have, might as well give it another go.


Even the simple steps you are saying make me wany to stop now. I have put so much time and effort into this crap and for what seems like nothing more then a high energy bill and unsuccessful plants. Too much of my time and money wasted. Could have purchased more then can be grown for less then what ive spent on this.

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Yeah it was nice this morning working with the little auto grow and Gaia Green. Mixed up 1 tbsp of 4-4-4, 2 tbsp of 2-8-4 and 1 tbsp of Glacier Rock Dust for each plant and top dressed. Added 1 tsp to a gallon of water and ph’ed it to 6.5 and gave them each a bit over a quart of water, Lowered the sgrog down and reset the lights. Just water now every other day for two weeks and top dress again.

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Have to be happy growing or wont work. If you do decide to try again I really really think a simple soil and ammendment solution will work for you. Good luck and if need info on style i mentioned the thread to read is @MeEasy thread. A wealth of info and great tutorials.


Can we all agree that these are very small? Been in flower for 3 weeks or so now. I mean am i wrong about how small they are? They dont look like everybody elses buds. These look small as shit and almost not growing.

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A few factors could have caused this stunting, environmental stressors, nutrient overload creating a salt build up preventing nutrient absorption and just plain genetics. I continue to learn from each grow and would suggest keeping a notebook/journal of your grows. I’ll often flip through my notebook from previous grows of strains and issues I may have had :love_you_gesture:

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Runoff ph was perfect 6.5 and ppms were right at 1,000. Slightly over. I mean everything is perfect as far as that.

You’ve found your plants threshold for nutes. Just don’t make them any stronger and you should be just fine