Diagnose amnesia haze problem

I’m having several problems with my plants at about 8 weeks (just before flowering). First I had a little nut burn.
I flushed like crazy then fed nutes (FF) in the next cycle. Which seemed to continue to burn the plants a bit. So I’ve held out feeding since (7 days or so).

Now I’ve got issues, almost all on or near the top. I have some spotting, some etching, some dryness look, etc. Most of which is on new growth. Spotting can be seen on older growth.

I posted the picture on another thread, then realized they won’t see much traffic there. Please refer to the last 4 picture in the thread below and let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

There ain’t nothing wrong with those beauty’s. Slight nite burn is nothing to sweat about. Some growers prefer it

Very minor nute burn, nothing to worry about. I like to see a little burn on my plants.

Guys take a look at the first message link, not the image one. At the bottom of that page are the photos I’m talking about.


Ok, you’ve got nute burn. Stop all nutes and you might want to do a flush too.

So you saw those all gnarly images with the etched leaves? If nutes are the issue then I guess I can’t add them at all. The last application was 1/3 to 1/4 of the recommended dosage. Maybe my ph is off but I always apply ph correct water/nutes.

Have to admit though I haven’t tested run off though ;( so I will do that today. Will these recover?

Dude, you gotta test your runoff! You’re using Foxfarm soil too which is very high in nutes.


Guessing that my ph was too low, I used tap water (7.64) and just watered and captured runoff. Ph of runoff was 6.73. So I think I allowed my ph to get to low. I was using PH down to get to a 6.5 solution. That plus the soil got me in the 5 range (or lower?) Sound right?

Yeah, that soil will take the Ph down pretty low. Your Ph should be between 6.3 and 6.5 in that soil.