First grow.... and a disaster!

Growing 3 AF strains from ILGM. Amnesia haze, blueberry, and Northern Lights.

Why are the leaves turning so yellow???

I followed FF soil nuts schedule and got some bad burning a few weeks ago. Now feeding at ~700ppm for the plants that have more time to go. Flushing the Amnesia Haze. Nute burn no longer seems to be the problem. Looks like a lockout issue. But I’ve flushed with sledgehammer and soil PH appears to be around 6.8.

2x4ft tent.
2 spider framer ts-1000 lights.
Soil: FFOF
Nutes: FF trio. Added the granular feeding trio later on. Been using Terpenez and Bembe also. Tried Cal-Mag last week. Situation worsened. Fertilizing every other watering. Waiting til dry to fertilize.
Sprouted June 9.
Water: declorinated. PH 6.5

Interesting… What’s the temperature?

Temp varies a bit as it’s in my cellar. Generally 72-78. But I rarely see a temp as high as 78.

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You check the calibration of your ph pen looks like a lock out


I was gonna say sounds like you need to flush again. Maybe ph meter is off? What he said. Lol.

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As they are in flower you don’t want messing with them as it will be a lot harder for then to recover then when they are begging. It looks to me as a ph deficiency, try flushing them, and water without nutes for the next few waterings, make sure you ph pen is calibrated before feeding them. They’re beautiful tho, best of luck with them bud.


Thanks for the replies. I have a new PH pen in the mail. Should be here within the next couple of days. I’ll report back.

I have one Northern Lights that is behind the curve as far as flowering . But it’s the one plant i have that still looks beautiful… but just started showing nute deficiency signs the past couple of days. If I can figure this out and have just one nice plant, I’ll be happy.

Go back, whatever is causing it, it started with a change that needs to go back right? Is this a soil grow? I am not familiar with hydro so I’ll leave it if not

what kind of light are you using, how high above the plants and are you running it full blast

Two Mars hydro TS-1000 and one spider farmer SF-1000.

It appears that the top is more crisp then the bottom of the plants. Is that the case?

If so, it may be light burn brought on by a Nutrient deficiencies in the leaves. A certain amount of deficiency in the leaves this far in the flower should be expected since you should have adjusted your feedings away from nitrogen to more potassium and phosphorus. The bottom leaves are just as deficient as the top, but if the top looks likes it’s frying and dying off, I suspect the lights may be too close/bright and that exasperates the nutrient deficiencies.

I may be totally full of it, others might weigh in, but from my experience if I’m burning off the top leaves late in flower my lights are too close. It doesn’t show up earlier because your leaves had enough nutrients to compensate for the bright light.

Yes, the top is worse than the bottom. I thought about light light burn and turned my lights down to 75%. The lights are roughly 18 inches away from the plants. The confines of my space limited me to a 5 foot tent (in hindsight, I could have gone with 6ft and I may upgrade.) I’ve been been doing a lot of LST… but it’s been harder than I had expected to give me enough wiggle room between light and plant.

read this, may help you out