After trimming up my plants from dead or dying leaves, these spots appeared the next day

These spots appeared today all of a sudden.

yesterday i trimmed excess leaves that were yellowish or dead in hopes of flowering soon.

Soil and nutes from biobizz
ph 6.0-6.5
sf4000 light at 60%
veg time around 4-5 months ( due to work i wasnt able to care for them properly for a few months )

I had a nute lockout due to my water being 7.4 - 7.8 ph, about a week ago i started to ph and new growth seems to have begun to grow again, sadly the new growth is getting affected again.

I honestly feel like giving up because it wont yield much with these deficiencies


So how is your ph now. Its something that has to be kept up with.
Somebody will post a support ticket. Have you checked your runoff ppm and ph?

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i do not get enough run off to be able to check it and its imposable to measure ppm with organics.

ill try checking runoff ph next time, but i always ph now before watering


If organics i think you need more food. Worry not yet and DONT give up. Organics take longer to show recoveries. The new growth looks great. Those brown tips show she was uptaking at max. Good sign. No worries on runoff…organic. I do not know your specific brand of nutes but if a dry ammendment a boost of the flower part is now. Give a good week to see recovery. Your ph is fine. Normally living soils can adjust a wide ph range for the plants. Stayimg in the 6-6.8 window is a good practice anyway. Welcome to the forum.


welcome to the community ! nothing wrong with a good challenge . My frist thought would be with @Storm looking at the picture plant looks hungry. Good luck moving forward :v::+1:


Im using biobizz liquid nutes.

The tips however are not brown but are actually purple, all of my new growth was getting purple edges and tips during the lockout, however i am afraid to up the dosage of my feed, as i am already giving it the max recommended by the chart provided for the All-Mix soil i am using and i also had problems with leathery leaves and clawing before, not sure if it was due to n tox or phosphorus lockout due to bad ph

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Probably n tox. Give them a week. Keep ph correct and lets see. Photoperiod correct? The charts are not always on point. There is a lot of seat of the pants growing a weed. Not all are the same so differences till learn the strain well. Usually 2 harvests on a new strain before I am dialed in. I run favorite medical for a year or more each time.


Yea, they are photoperiod, i give around 1 ml per liter as the chart says, but when i tried to up the dosage by 0.6-0.8ml, clawing started to appear

i guess ill keep watching them and see what happens, but id like to start flowering soon as they are getting pretty tall

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Photo so relax a bit. We can help you much easier. If you have not flipped to flower do not. Lets getem healthy first. Then we will flip.


I also would make sure you are on your bloom nutes now. Veg nutes are high N. Bloom are low N high PK. Can use them before flip. Clawing could be a Nitrogen issue if have changed nothing and still heavy feed of veg nutes. Just my thoughts.


Right now there is no clawing, just those brownish spots and leaf discoloration on newer growth.

Also the plant starts to eat itself if i wait a bit longer before feeding, for example - i feed every 4-5 days with 3L ph water + grow nutes for each plant, but if i wait 5-6 days before feeding, when i have too much work and dont have time sometimes, they start to yellow, the same thing happens if i skip feeding and give them just water, a few leaves end up dying, not a lot but it adds up.

what benefit would there be using bloom nutes in veg? i have never heard of such a thing before

Not saying dont feed. Saying switch to bloom now is ok. You will be flipping soon. Unless you plan to veg till it outgrows your tent. If you are really using organic living soil you are killing off your beneficial microbes every time you dry it out. If it is not a true organic living soil and is just a bunch of liquid nutes they are calling organic then it will be a wet/dry. If it IS organic living soil cant dry out. She is photo so can try least invasive solutions first then move forward. You have time. Everything is up to YOU. All we do here is make suggestions and say what we see from our point. Sifting and choosing what to use as advice and what not to lies solely on your side.

you’d use bloom nutes before bloom because they take time to work in, cannabis is hungry and yours already have excess N so to balance it out… just how I interpret whats said already. I had really high ph problems in soil recently, used too many wood ashes anyway turned out good