Amnesia Haze at 5 weeks and nutes

First time grow. Plants doing fairly well but really struggling with nutes. First time I applied resulted in burn. Did the 3X flush. Next feeding did 1/3 of Fox Farm recommend amount. Still got a little burn. Testing pH water and feeding. Staying at 6.5 or so. So I all know to try is to go even lower on dose.


Yeah always start lower. Never go by what the bottle says. I always start at 1/4 per gallon and work my way up. They will usually show you signs of being hungry. Less is more. Also it might be possible you have nutrients in your soil already? If you do any amount of nutrients will burn.

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Your plants look very healthy and don’t seem to be lacking in nutes. What soil are they in?

Fox Farm Ocean.

Ok, that makes sense. Ocean Forest is a very hot soil and will feed plants for the first 4 to 5 weeks, so no nutes are really necessary until you start flowering. That’s why you’re getting burn when you feed.

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Once again you said it better than I could lol.

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OK. Will hold off until flowering or a few weeks. Speaking of which, I’m trying decide when to make the switch to 12/12. My grow room is a closet so I have 8’ of space. Pretty sure I don’t want to use all of that but in your opinion when should I do this? Begin flowering at 3’ for 6’ plants? What are the yield considerations? Will an extra foot or so linearly increase the yield or is it something more or less?

Unless you’re going with Nebula’s mainlining technique, I would say you want to focus on canopy growth and not adding un-necessary height since anything bellow the very top won’t get much light.

But I’m not an experienced grower and just working on my first one, so wait for a few of the veterans to answer :wink:

just a tiny amount of nute burn. personally i dont mind if the ends have a teeny tiny bit of burn on the tips. It just shows your pushing the envelope. Back off the nutes a bit if you dont want to see those brownish tips…

An update. Still having issues. Crinkled, dry, drooping, and eaten. See images. What’s going on?