Please help! Nute burn

Can someone please help!! I was told it was nute burn so I flushed the plant 3 days ago and it’s still having a hard time with new growth and if it does grow it become burnt and droopy

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Gotta give us more information. Soil, PH, nutes if any, lights, strain age etc.

Damaged plant material will not recover. See new growth for recovery. Did you measure the TDS of your runoff? If you have a lot of solids in the soil it’s best to monitor to see the level it falls off to. In other words; if your flush gave you a reading of 3,000 ppm at the beginning and 800 ppm at the end, you know it was enough.

There are some soils, with timed release fertilizers, that you may NEVER get the numbers down. Like 4,000 to 5,000 ppm.

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