Nute Burn? New grower

@Ripwater12 Hang in there. I had one mediocre grow and one were I had to give up on four plants after babysitting them for three months.

Just dissect your grow-could it be the pH? Take a soil slurry pH test. Your water pH and ppm test it. Nutrients? Does the manufacturer recommend flushing? Like @Storm I use Earthdust and it is easy. Feed the soil, feed the plants. Let the microbes do the work.

Its just crazy how mixed the answers are on this one. Most ppl saying good job looks good. And the rest are seeing my problem.

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Like everyone else said it’s all about what works for you. I got extremely lucky on my last and first grow with what I used. I didnt expect to keep any of them alive and ended up with over 12 ounces of amazing buds. I am simply repeating what I did because I kept detailed journal and so far it’s working the exact same for me. Most people I talk to have to try different things and have growing pains it’s typically normal.
Hang in there though because it is such a great rewarding hobby.

@Ripwater12 I totally understand your frustration. It can be like drinking from a firehose and overwhelming here. See if you can find a successful grower that has a style you like based on your time, energy, and $$. Ask questions.

We all have different methods but you find yours and don’t give up. It is rewarding to grow your own (even if you do not smoke like me).


@Ripwater12 dont give up! Once you get it it’s all worth it, may I suggest trying organic? Soil, nutrients, the lot, I grow organic soil and nutrients and I never PH anything