Not Durban Poison

Durban Poison: 2 seeds did not sprout. Of the two seeds that did sprout: Now at 11

weeks, one plant is 4 1/2" tall , beautiful, and perfect. The other plant is about 2’ tall, leaves are small, and small diameter tip to tip. Both were started indoors with identical light/food/water. Is this a hybrid mutant? Or were my seeds mixed up?

I think even an identical strain can vary in appearance and growth even if given the same environment …they are unique as people


I just grew 2 white widows in the same pot
One of the plants the buds had a plum hue to the pistols and the other more orange …

Looked like 2 different plants


Very true.
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Here is topic of mine.

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I picked the largest leaf from each plant - I can’t find anything remotely similar between these two plants. What do you think?

Neither can I.

LOL. So what do you think, two different strains? Rogue seed? I’m focusing on strains with high THC-V levels, so no interest in the smaller of the two. Any ideas on how to get replacement seeds?

If they were from the same pack, they’re probably the same. Strains that are identical can vary in size, shape, and structure. As far as seed replacement ILGM will replace any seed that failed to germinate.