Got an obvious different strain in my ILGM packet

This girl is obviously an Auto-flower. However, it is physically different from strain I ordered which is White Widow Auto-flower.

The bud(?) structure is very different and so is the color of the leaves. Although the picture doesn’t really show it, the color is purple-ish green… very dark coloring.

I don’t mind, it appears to be female and that would have been my biggest concern. Can anyone maybe identify this oddball? I know it’s not an easy thing to do, if possible at all.


I think I have the same type of thing. 1 of my plants had a little deform going on so I didnt think much of it. After looking at yours its makes me think not only is it deformed but it actually looks and smells like a different plant strain all together.

Also white widow auto same pack.

I forgot to add… super strong pinecone smell.

Mine is also very strong sour piney smell.

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Genetics are poorly understood and they are complex so.

Each seed is different, the genetic diversity is huge.

Even though we call something white widow, it’s only because the original white widow that was made wold famous was made by crossing plant A with plant B making white widow which was one of countless seeds planted.

So if you buy white widows and you drop 100 seeds you could see 100 different plants.
However most cannabis is actually pretty close in genetics. Often they tend to lean farther to the mother or the father, once and a whole we get a unique one and sometimes we get all unique ones.

Basically it’s all weed and the quality control is very minimal because it takes years and years of inbreeding and that currently doesn’t make most breeders more money.they make more money by putting out new products aka new strains.

Commerical growers on a start up will often drop 100+ seeds and only select one. Sometimes they will go through hundreds of seeds for years until they find a plant worth cloning.


Pheno hunting 101. One of the best things of groing a single strain. Very well said @Nicky


I don’t know how it could obviously be something different. Sounds like Nicky hit nail on head.


It just looks and smells different. I did not realize that the same strain could be so different in attributes.

I don’t see it as a negative. It’s just curious to me.


While not an auto, my profile pic is of a WW strain I grew last year.



As Nicky explained, just because plants are same strain doesn’t mean thet will all have same attributes. Same can be said for one plant out of a bunch looking unhealthy compared to the rest. That plant just has different needs or something in respect to its specific place in the grow.


Sorry to jump in late but thought I’d show what my Critical Mass looked like at harvest 11 weeks I think. I’m new and just trying to figure all this stuff out. Haven’t tried it yet but looks quite different than any other Critical Mass I’ve seen. Being new (30 years since last toke) I probably wouldn’t be able to tell much about quality anyway. Just my 2 cents.