Is this a white widow or a sour diesel plant? 🤔

So I bought seeds here at ilgm, and I planted what is supposed to be two white widow autos and two sour diesel autos. I’m thinking the seeds maybe have been mixed up while packaging them as the second white widow looks absolutely nothing like the first, and coincidentally enough it seems to look almost identical to the sour d plants. Maybe it’s too early to say for sure, but what do you think?

First White Widow, which looks true to its name
(This was untouched and was the first to begin flowering)

Second “White Widow”, LST on this one

First Sour D, untouched

Second Sour D, LST on this one, she seems to have been struggling since early on but not overly concerned


Very hard to tell at this stage of flowering. Even the same strain from the same batch can and will look different.

White Widow

Sour Diesel


Gotcha! I wasn’t sure. I guess time will tell. Thanks!

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The White Widow is generally easy to identify. It’s kind of like a family of kids, some short, tall, different hair color ect… on cannabis plant strains :love_you_gesture:

Hard to tell because for instance my last grow was all blue dream and I had a different phenotype for every single plant. They all had different traits and ended up being different kinds of buds in the end.

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It’s going to be difficult just by appearance. Sorry can’t give more info. But your last plant looks like it has a pH issue. Do you know the runoff numbers??


I don’t know. I did test the ph in all four pots a few weeks back, but I did so by making a soil slushy with half distilled water and half soil, tested with an Apera pH20. The pH at the time was 5.8 in all four pots

You should really check the runoff. Next watering, measure ppm’s going in and out. Water til 20% runoff. 5.8 is a little low for soil. 6.2-.8 is what you’re looking for going in and out.

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Thanks. This is my first rendezvous with growing and I don’t have a tool to measure ppm just yet. I didn’t concern myself with the more acidic soil since for the most parts the plants seemed to be growing well. Once I do get that tool I’ll check out the runoff.