Please help a Newbie

Hello all, this is my first grow of White Widow Auto’s. One of my plants has a different look than the other 3. Plants are 3 days short of 6 weeks. The flowers of the other 3 all look the same. I attached some pics of the one that looks different to me. Is it a possibily a hermie?

Thanks for any help


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Post some more pics Growmie :love_you_gesture:

:point_up_2: more pics like this one, hard to tell when I zoom in.


Different how? Be aware that plants aren’t going to look alike. Cannabis plants are cousins at best. Do you look like your cousins?


Yeah. I would like to see a focused close-up of that.

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Different phenotype. Plants from the same strain, same seed batch, etc are often wildly different in at least one respect. It’s just like siblings. We can all look real similar, but none of us is totally identical- even identical twins!