Different seeds in the same package!?

hi there! I don’t know the process about packaging the seeds but is it possible that there’s different strain’s seeds in the same package by mistake? The 2 plants asupposed to be white widow autoflower. The plant on the left germinated within 2 days and sprouted 2 days after that and look to have a normal grow beside some beginner mistake yhat i think slowed it down a little bit but started to flower at day 31 and the plant on the right was really not the same deal, took 4 days to see taproot and took 5 days to sprout this one had a really bad start but finally it did to be good now this one started to flower at day 22! On the picture, the left plant is on it’s 40th day and the right its 32nd. As you can see the leaves are really not the same thing as one on the left look pretty sativa and the other more indica. Can you say if its different strain only by looking to ghe leaves or i will see it by the final product?? Ps its my first time grow and i bought my seed on crop king seed! Thank you in advance

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Yes, it’s possible. But it’s more likely that they are just different. Kind of like seeing 2 sisters, that while similar, are still very much individuals.


No two seeds will ever be alike. Just look st a family and you will see Genetics at work. Possible but highly unlikely that two different strains in the same package.

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Anything is possible, but that’s not likely. Like the others are saying, just because they are samr strain doesn’t mean they will germinate, grow, or flower at same pace.

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Especially autos.

Ok thanks you guys for the reply! Seems logic but i wasn’t expecting the leaves to be so different ! Thank you again i will arm myself with patience and see how they will go!