White Widow Plant Differences

I planted 2 white widow seeds from ILGM. One of the plants is short and has dark green 7 blade leaves. The other is 3 inches taller, lighter green, and has 5 blade leaves. They were started at the same time and treated the same way. Is it normal for 2 of the same strain to look so different?


I’m only learning myself but what I have been told by all the fabulous peeps on here is yes you can have same seeds same environment same everything and have totally different results. Like two kids from same parents. I do hope someone corrects me if im wrong. Like I said im only new.


Same plants started same times looks totally different. Both ilgm w.w. autos. The loghter green one has major differences from the other. The lighter green one is covered in tricks where as the darker green on s looks like a normal plant growing has trics bit nothing like the other one. This is the secong set like this same plants same times popped and diff looks from them in 2 diff grows. All same feedings and all just diff phenos or something


Ya I also have 3 girl scout cookies growing and 2 are dark green and the third is a light green. All same drop date/plant date/soil and lights. Even the buds are developing different. Don’t sweat it till the pros here say so. Keep on keeping on.


Every seed is different. You will see variations within a particular cultivar which includes appearance as well as potency and aroma. This is one of the tools breeders use to fix a particular trait. The more uniform the plants are from seed to seed is what you pay for.

Clones are the only way to get close to identical plants.