Nonplanned outdoor grow. Help!

So about 45 days ago I found a lemon slushie seed in some nug I bought. Well here she is…I started growing it then realized I didn’t have room for it and tossed it. 2 days later I saw it standing up still so I put it in one of my big pots with new soil. And boom! I’ve never grown a photo nor outside so a lil advice would be greatly appreciated.


Outside is more about pest control and mold/mildew watch. Little training necessary, she’ll take off come flower time. Keep her fat and happy! She’s a trooper! Looks great!


Will to live is an excellent trait, clone her if you can.


How do I clone it?

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I have zero experience in cloning but, there are many here that do. Plus a couple vids till others chime in.

@Graysin @LiesGrows @OGIncognito one or all of these 3 will likely be able to help you.


Appreciate the tag Brother. @MwOutlaw573 cloning is fairly easy. Several methods used, some use rock wool or moist soil in a solo cup. I like using a hydro bubbler with air stones and a mix of clonex. I take cuttings during the defoliation before the flower transition.

You can also just use water and a light and mist the leaves daily


Same here. I take cuttings when I top or do a massive defol.

I will often times just plunk the cutting in some CloneX gel, then into some water. Other times I’m more organized and use a cloner, but if I’m honest that’s rare.


Yeah, cloning is pretty easy. I knocked a branch off an auto last grow and said what the heck.

Stuck her in some rooting hormone, and put her in a moist rockwool cube.

She rooted in no time flat and I grew her out, she was so tiny it was adorable, but she did give me an ounce so no complaints.

Obviously a photo clone won’t be limited in the same way.

And any plant with such a will to live is absolutely a keeper.