Outdoor Grow and a Windy Day

I have a gold leaf photo growing in a 15 gallon pot… yesterday we had wind… it ended up being windier then I thought it would be.
Plant is still in veg state and I had a branch break. Figure maybe I can turn this into an opportunity. Can I use it to clone? And if so… do we have some simple instructions. Right now I have it tapped in place… Keeping pests and such out.

I also had it blow over a small lime tree and break its pot. Not amused. :unamused:


Dip in clonex rooting gel place in soil


Well, that sounds pretty simple. I can handle that. Thank you!

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Cloning is not hard go for it

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Cloning gel should be here tomorrow.
Todays weather adventure was hail, along with an inch of rain in less then an hour. :expressionless:
The indoor grow is looking more inviting every day. lol


LOL. cloning is not hard unless you are me!!!