Weather Damage & Cloning

@jbum ,@killadruid
A storm came through and broke the main stem on a 3-4 week old feminized gold leaf .
Its still alive but the stem is hanging by a thread , can the top be treated like a clone ?
Would it root ?

Yes it will root if done properly or you can duct tape it back on. It will form a knuckle and push nutes hard to the top. Kinda super cropping by accident. Storm cropping I suppose lol.

Put some aloe on the break

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It is harder to root the main stem, but all shoots are possibly clone prospects. Duct tape is good, plant repair tape is better with some honey or Aloe gel for a repair. Do you have pic of break?

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@Jbum @Holmes
Sorry no pics right now but I’m afraid I waited to late to tape because it looks dry in the break , I’m gonna try to treat it like a clone but I’ve never cloned before. Its worth a try even if I lose it .

There is a guide here that you can go by for the cloning process

Sometimes the stems suck up air if it has been out of water too long, I might try the branches and get maybe 10 or 15 clones!

Sounds like good advice !
I saw some rooting gel at a local store last week , I’ll pick some up tomorrow.
Wish me luck and I’ll let y’all know how it turns out .
@Holmes @Jbum
Ps , I ordered a rspec light this week I hope it helps with flowering.

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I would say at least get ithem in water ASAP

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I accidentally broke my main stem few weeks ago when I installed my filter. I just got some wire and twisted it around it until it pulled it back together. Healed just fine and that cola is twice as tall as the rest. Had to LST it and pull tuck it several times under SCROG. I caught it right away though. My 2 cents.


Oh it definitely will!