Wasn’t able to tape it back on (Stem) from topped plant

Last night i was introducing my scrog net to my tent and mistakenly,Broke off a stem to one of my topped plants.I tried taping but it wouldn’t hold,I tried a twisty and again no hold,So i just decided to take it off.I hope this doesn’t harm my plant? it’s going into second week of flowering,Should i rub cinnamon on the snapped part of stem

to produce growth stimulant on snapped stem?

It won’t hurt the overall plant. You just won’t get yield from the (former) stem.

A little aloe on honey on the wound can help it recover more quickly.


Hell if bot an auto throw it in water and reveg it make another plant.

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Your plant will be ok.

I agree with @Mark0427
Take that broken branch and try your luck at clones. If you’re successful you’ll have a brand new plant in no time.

Waste not, want not….

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You will be just fine. We cut branches all the time with zero issues. :+1::+1::+1:


Thanks @MidwestGuy

Appreciate it @MrPeat

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I was thinking about doing that @Brobdab

I agree, clone her. I just transplanted 5, 5Alive clones. Roots like this in just over a week on all the clones, only thing I used was Clonex, thru em’ under my grow lights. Amazing!
Good luck.