What to know about cloning?

Hey y’all, so I’m looking for specifics on how to clone, where to cut, how long should cutting be, etc

So I’ve already finished my 1st complete grow feb to harvest in August, I’m now n my 2nd grow day 44 on the 3 tangie , smaller one bout a month behind. Purchased a 2nd tent this round one for veg one for flower so no more gaps in harvest, I have the Clonex rooting gel now I’m curious how to clone?


Search bar has all you need to read.

I knew cloning in 1980.
Nobody told me about “RE-VEGETATING MARIJUANA PLANTS” until this forum.
Have fun reading and learning.

A MAY harvested plant , then RE-VEGED and 8-6-2023 flip and into tent.

A one month bud, removed due to crown clutter.

Mother plant pictured above is the MOTHER for these daughters.
Clone #1

Clone #4

I love cloning.


That’s monster cropping when taken in flower. Have 6 monster cropped clones I took. Waiting for my flowering tent to finish.

The way I clone Is I fill a cup with ro water and add allitle big foot myco. Cut the cuttings I want put in the cup. Let sit for few mins. Then I’ll cut them at 45 degrees and put in rapid rooters.


These are good examples of clone cuttings. Visuals always help me.


Two clones I kept.
6 inches cut on an angle.
I cut the leaf edges. Only the larger leaves. The rose is also a clone…
Train Wreak clones.


YouTube videos available

Many others too


Love it. Keif and rose hip tea. Always good for a sore throat.

I second the reveg incase the monster crop clone doesn’t take. I would say the further into flower you go, there is an exponential curve on clone failure. Take 2-3 of each to play it safe. If it’s a keeper you got to keep, do a reveg too. As diverdave suggested.

I often do 3 to a pot, one to veg (mother), one to flower, and one to gift away to a gromie. None ever die right. All in one pot until they take off. Then just split them out into 3 separated.


Healthy looking ladies in your grow spot my friend. I take cuttings for clones when I defoliate before the light flip. I try and use identical size cuttings for clones. Several methods used to root like rock wool, straight into solo cups and medium or using a cloner. Amazon sells some inexpensive cloning set ups like the one in the pic below, I added an extra air stone. :love_you_gesture:


@OldBuds Looking great.
PNW rain last night and today.
No watering outdoor plants today or tomorrow, for sure.
Dehumidifier turned on, for sure.

I try not to cry with failures to clone.
Some get stuck, abandoned and in a few month, re-check for viability.

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I’m doing basically the same thing with a homemade one I use for starting and cloning veggies. I’ll be using it for upcoming cannabis clones now too…

So do you normally add any Clonex or Rapid Start, or some kind of hormone additive in the water?


I do use clonex, seems to work well. I’ve also used Jacks 321 Brother :love_you_gesture:


Thanks, yea I’m thinking of just taking a few clipping when I defoliate before light flip as I didn’t want to do as much stressing or defoliating of the ladies, I want a more natural grow this round, one tangie I did have to top to have other 3 catch up.

Seems to work very well.


This is what I’m working with this run, feed n spray once a week, water every 3rd day
Really simple stuff to use, except I might have used bloom instead of grow the last fertilizer feed last week and seen minor burn

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@DEEPDIVERDAVE your reveg plant you gave me is looking great. It smells like fruity pebbles and baby poo. It’s turned into a real beauty.

And the seedling I got from your seeds that stood out continues to stand alone. Sprouted august 1st. 3 feet tall now. All its sisters in the the pheno hunt (expectedly) are about 12”. The vigor is amazing on this stand out. I got a clone for you Dave if you want it? I call it diver Dave’s beast. Smells like skunk and feet.


Several other methods you can use in the future to keep an even canopy with plants growing at different rates. Super cropping, LST or booster seats for the shorter ones Growmie :love_you_gesture:


Sorry @Shiverpine, I should have put than in DiverDave’s thread. :point_left:

I don’t have much to say about cloning because everyone else has got it covered. Happy growing and cloning. Just maybe practice on those trims till you got it down and have extras. Your style will change slightly over time as you get better.


Okay I have said that I have this soil mixture that I use so when I clone I use my soil mixture but I use a sifter and sift the heavy material out so it makes the clones roots easier to push through the soil.

100% success.


YES, we will meet at Trader Joe’s in a week or two and complete another trade.
I will bring some clones in development and seeds from yard plants.
Current yard plants not ready to harvest unless wetness persists.
Not tending them for six weeks slowed them down, for sure.
But they are all re-vegers. Amazing and beyond belief.
I still owe you some weed and seed.
Thank you, for sharing.

@noddykitty1 the advice and your sharing is priceless.

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This morning they were dropping, real sad looking is this normal?

What’s ideal temperature and humidity for these clippings??