No buds on my autoflowering

As I’ve done many times in the past, I germinated my autoflowering seeds and planted them, marking my calendar for 12 weeks down the road. Well, the 12 weeks have come and gone and no budding whatsoever? Thoughts?


Could be a photo seed that got mixed in try 12-12 lighting


Iv had them take awhile Autos but never that longer to show budding very odd. How big are they? And if you can let em go see what happens when we get into September. This year has been odd for me I brought in a few of my autos in my indoor room and they are doing better. Very dry in my area no rain since before the 4th. Todays first day our high temps been below 85since b4 4th July.

They are about three feet, the normal size of my numerous past auto-flowering plants. I’ll let them go and see what happens, but interesting issue.

Try giving them extra phosphorus.