Autoflower not flowering after 3 months

Have two northern lights autoflower going started at same time. 1 is 40 inches and flowering well the other is 24 and has only produced hairs. Wondering what might be going on.

Is it the same seed pack? If so, just what happens with autos. Unpredictable… this is why I’m done with autos.

I’ve always grow autos and been doing it for years and never had this happening to me… I’ve always bought my seeds from the same suplier and never had any issues. Although I am hoping to start growing non autos in the near future.

Yes same seed pack it has hiars just hasnt started to bud

I bought them from here was just hoping for a answer on wether it will finish budding or not

It will bud for sure
Some people switch 12/12 to stimulate


Not all seeds are the same. Some take longer than others, just don’t panic over it and give them time they will for sure grow.

Thank you i will try this

Awesome! Hit me up with @VTGROW when you have flowers. I’d love to see your success. Always enjoy the bud porn!

What light schedule are you running? I agree if longer than 12/12 moving to it should get her to flower. Sometimes they have recessive gene and need a little boot in the rear.

Im currently doing 18 and 6

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And thank you

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