Auto northern lights

About 10 weeks into growing, for some reason the flowering process seems slower on one plant than the other. First time growing and something seems off, like the flowering process isint happening on time. I’m on a 12 12 light cycle though I know it doesn’t matter with autos. The bio for northern lights says 7 to 8 weeks, thought I’d see more development. Still looking great however. Not really looking for advice, just journaling my progress via forum, positive feedback always welcomed.


Nice. They do have a journal category

Kinda hard to see under those lights but it looks good! May want to do some trimming. Looking a little bushy :slight_smile:

Yeah I just did some trimming today actually. 1st time growing so I’m not 100% sure what to trim minus the large fan leaves. I’m paying attention to where the buds grow so I know what exactly to trim next time. Next time I’m growing zkittlez.


I am 91 days from germination - and still holding off harvesting my NL (auto).

While she has really packed on the “bud”, when I look through a microscope, I do not yet see enough cloudy or amber trichomes to justify harvesting - yet.


tic toc, tic toc . . .

That’s all you really want to trim. A few fan leaves just to get some light to the bottom of the canopy. Just be careful of the pistils when cutting!

Looking good welcome to the community ! The Breeders guide 7 to 8 weeks is just a estimated time. Not Unusual to go over several weeks. Happy growing