Autos one flowering one not

grow of northern lights and Blueberry Autoflowers and and after 5 weeks Northern lights is flowering and blueberry shows no sign of flowering. Is this normal? plants seem to be healthy!

Yes. For example, not all kids reach puberty at the same age either.

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Yep. Autoflowers tend to flower when they are good and doggone ready.

If you want to spur them into flower and dont mind tinkering with light times, setting the daylight hours shorter SHOULD trggier flower. But i wouldnt set it back to long hours after as that may confuse the lady

I’m running 18/6 and northern lights is flowering great!
think I should cut back or let it rock along?

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Its entirely your call. The more light hours, the more photosynthesizing, the bigger the buds.

That being said, plant height restrictions are real. U dont want her growing out of control and flowering into the lights. A good rule of thumb is plants typically double their heights in flower. If ur halfway out of space, cut those hours. If room is plenty available, let her grow at her own pace and prepare for a staggered harvest.

Ok thanks a lot man ,first time grow!

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Anytime bro! Good luck and happy growing

almost been 8 weeks and still no flowers!

We have seen autos take up to 12 weeks to flower. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen.

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Wow, really I have a northern lights in I planted at same time which is almost done!

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