Auto blue berry

ok so I have two auto plants side by side blueberry and northern lights. after 12 weeks northern lights is ready to harvest and blueberry hasn’t started to flower! What’s up with this, is this normal?


We’ve seen autos flower as soon as 2.5 weeks and as late as 12 weeks. It’s a genetic lottery.

Nice looking autos. Good job.


yes that plant is at 12 weeks with really no sign of flowering soon?

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Autos pretty much have a mind of they’re on they flower when they like. Usually between 4 to 7 weeks if not already I would swap over to 12 /12 light schedule to push The blueberry into flower. Nice looking plants. Good luck :v:

Will switching to 12/12 make them flower? I thought I read that it doesn’t matter if 12/12 , 18 /6 etc?

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Sometimes you get a stubborn auto and swaping to 12/ 12 light schedule wil push it into flowering stage.

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Ok thanks

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You’re going to have a very big plant with it being late flowering . So it’s all good !

Do you still have your seed packet? If so take a picture of the code, you may have gotten photoperiod seeds.

That’s what I’m thinking!!

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Says auto blueberry so unless they put the wrong seeds in the pack……

Guess you’ll have to change light cycle to get them started. Stubborn seeds.