Autos not flowering

A question from a fellow grower:

This is a pic of the blueberry autos. One has had some LST and the other 2 have had nothing done. The other one is one of my experiments. The light cycle has been 24/7 with day time temps being, on average, 25-30deg Celsius and the humidity about 40-60% and night temps getting down to about 15deg C. I am running a 315w CMH which can be and has been bumped up to 355w. I am using Mills nutrients on a flood to waste feeding schedule and have just started with the bloom feeding cycle. I do not have a truncheon so I don’t know my EC or my PPM. The PH is always between 5.8 and 6.2 as per instructions from the nutrient producers and I even make sure the temp of the nutrients is at least ambient to the tent. I am using a coco perlite blend medium in 3 gallon pots.

Pics didn’t load, I’m wondering about how old the plant is from sprout? Roughly 4-6 weeks most of them will start flowering. You may have a recessive auto gene that will require you to lower lights on time to induce flowering.


Plants do better with some time off. I run my plants with 24/0 first couple weeks when they are seedlings, then either 18/6 or 16/8. Then once they begin to flower I run 12/12. Like @dbrn32 said, try lowering your light schedule. That should help


No control over the pics sorry. I sent them to ILGM and they posted here but the plants are now 7 weeks from seed. I have put one of each strain in 48 hours of darkness and started a 12/12 light cycle and will see how that goes. The rest I can only put down to 18/6 as I have a couple of photo periods vegging in the tent also. I can do the 12/12 outside at the moment where I live, so will do that. Thanks for tips good people.

How old are the photo plants? They may be old enough to flower if you want. I only say that because moving your plants outside then back inside is pretty much sure fire wat to introduce pests to your grow.

Once I put them outside, I don’t put them back. It’s a bit risky but I like to take advantage of the natural 12/12 cycle. I have learned not to feed autos bloom nutrients just yet though. Lol. A couple of days after starting the flower feeds, the leaves started turning yellow, indicating a nitrogen deficiency. Back on the veg nutrients now, but with some leaf curl and what looks like sweating on the leaves. Did a flush before going back to veg feeds and will see what happens. I’d upload some pics but don’t know how to do it through this forum. I’m not exactly tech savvy. Lol.

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Are you on a computer or mobile device?

Mobile device.

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Thanks for that.

This is one of the Blueberry autos.

It seems big enough if you want to drop lights on time to induce flowering. Up to you really.

Yeah, I’m going to flip them when I finish up the last of the veg batch of nutrients. Annoying having to flip them, being autos, but it could be worse.

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After turning off the lights for 2 days to induce flowering, pistils started to appear. I did notice that after feeding, I’d have about 80-90% running out of the bottom. Have sorted that out and now have about 25-30% run off. See if that improves things. It is about 2 feet tall even after some LST which puts it at the same height as the one blueberry I didn’t do anything to, so I’m guessing that both of these girls will get a fair bit bigger before they’re done. Should be a good harvest. Can’t wait.