Getting blueberry to autoflower

A good blueberry question for experts, thanks in advance.

I have a blueberry autoflower that is 92 days old with no sign of flowers. Plant is super healthy. I’ve been on 24/0 lights which worked for other autoflowers.

Do I need some darkness to get blueberry to autoflower?

Being that old it sounds like they maybe feminized, lower your lights to 12/12 to help trigger them if you are ready to flower them

What worked for me in triggering the flowering in autos is I went from 18/6 to 14/10 and low temps for the dark period ( in mid 40’s in my case, but you can do upper 50’s ) that makes the ruderalis gene think winter is coming…

Yea, feminized.

Thanks guys! Can’t lower temp, I’ll try the 12/12.

Definitely need 12/12 if there feminized…

If they are photos then 12/12 it is , I will be triggering local blue dream clones to flower with 10/14 , they are mostly sativa so much longer dark period needed…

The longer dark period is by choice lol its not needed

But of course…just local growers advise…
To trigger them then 11/13…
I cant grow sativas full term, they would be flowering sometime in November…but its snow here then :slight_smile:


Just clarifying for the other grower that its choice not needed lol I totally understand I get snow in November as well


I would like to see what they look like that old would you happen to have a picture?

I’d send a picture, but my blueberry is looking miserable!

My Lowryder, Super Skunk, AK47, white widow, northern lights, and amnesia haze all look wonderful and made the specified yield of good pot. I used a single 36W(actually 19W) led bulb. I just clipped it to the dinner table, and pointed it down at the seedlings. I got the most dense, shortest, broad leaf babies you could ever want!

But the blueberry was too big, and very quickly a single LED bulb just didn’t satisfy it.

I got another light. But maybe too late. It’s not looking good enough to make a picture of it.

If you want to grow indoors with the least lights, Lowryder, Super skunk, and AK47 love those led lights when they’re babies. And they don’t spread out so much you can’t be stingey and use a single bulb (E26/E17). Plus you can do 24 hour light with seemingly no ill effect, easily rivaling full sunlight before it spreads out.

Blueberry gets too big. And he just didn’t want to autoflower until he got some darkness.

I meant, E26/E27. Those are just flood lamp bulbs and these days the LED bulbs seem to work for both 240V or 120V, and fit into european or american sockets.

I highly recommend LEVIN brand. I bought 10 brands, LEVIN was the closest to honest about their wattage, and you can get them for $11 if you look around.

Please post a picture.