My blueberry auto is not blooming and it's 45 days old already

A question of a fellow grower:
My blueberry auto is not blooming and it’s 45 days old already. It is showing it’s sex as female, but it is not actually flowering. I’m using a 300W LED light for it in a 3X3X5 tent.
I’ve had them on 18/6 light/dark since they sprouted above soil about 46-47 days ago.

My tent stays at 76 deg F during lights on and 71-72 deg F when lights are off. RH is around 45-55, and I’ve only fed them a couple times with Fox Farms tiger bloom.

if I leave the lights off for 48 hours, will that also induce blooming?

Switch light cycle to 12/12 sometime even autos need a little help to start flowering and this will do it
I actually grow mine on a 12-12 once they sprout
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Do you notice reduced size of the plant by using 12/12 compared with more conventional light cycles?

Will the 12/12 cycle work even if the tent has some tiny light leaks? Not major, but very tiny leaks? Or does it have to be 100% blackout even for autos?

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Same happened to my blueberry until i changed the lights to 12/12… my first grow…

You’ll be fine a a few tiny light leaks
But it’s best to try and keep them to a minimum
I use tape to cover all indicator lights etc

Great! I went ahead and fixed the leaks last night anyway, so I think I’ll be good. No leaks remain. Now I’m just waiting for the fun part to begin. Many thanks for your help!

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Flipping the lights to 12/12 definitely did the trick, and things are moving along beautifully! Now that they’re 2-3 weeks into flower, can I switch them back to 18/6 to increase yield since they’re autos? Or will that cause them to switch back to veg? I’ve read elsewhere that you can switch autos back to 18/6 after they start flowering, but I’m hesitant to do so because they’re doing so well under 12/12.

Also, I’m using FF Tiger Bloom at 1/4 strength every other watering. Can I increase the dose to 1/2 strength every other watering, or is that too strong for this particular strain? Many thanks for everyone’s help - I’ve got much to learn!

Stick with 12/12.

Thanks for the quick feedback - I’m gonna leave them on 12/12 and let them do their thing. I’ve got a ton of bud sites that are being shaded by huge fan leaves and other branches because I did not LST since this was my first indoor auto grow. Is it safe to defoliate some of these massive fan leaves? Or should I just try to tuck them under the branches as best I can to avoid cutting/stressing this temperamental auto?

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