Blueberry Auto Flowering Light Schedule?

I have a BB Auto about to go into flower I’m currently on a 16/8 light schedule. Should I continue with that or reduce to 14/10? Plant grown in FFOF 3gal 41/2 weeks from sprout. Begin Tiger bloom 1/2 strength at 5wks?

Pic @ 4wks.


With autos you dont need to change your light schedule for them to go into flower. you can leave it where your at or switch to 14/10. They will flower either way



I used 18/6



I never changed mine from 18/6. I also read that reducing light could reduce your yield. I don’t know personally if it does but I wouldn’t want to chance it. 18/6 seems to work great though.


I’d love to see a side by side of this, sounds interesting (hoping you can 12 12 it all th3 way through ")


I think @Noctis420 is right. Any time I’ve seen autos flowered with photos (under 12/12 lighting) they don’t seem to look anywhere near as full as the 18/6 or 20/4 autos.


Thanks for all the input. I guess I’ll leave it on the 16/8 schedule I just wondered if reducing it would effect the yield. It would be nice if there was a definitive answer to which schedule produces the best results. I’ll do more research and post if I can find anything. Thanks to all.Best of grows to you all,


It would be nice, but the variables from grow to grow make it impossible. It’s entirely possible that if you had double the amount of light you would yield just as much under 12/12 as someone running 18/6 under half as much light.

The best way for you to get a definitive answer is run this grow one way, and your next grow keep everything the same except for your change your light schedule to the other. Then you’ll know for sure what works best for you and your grow room.


@dbrn32 Thats what I plan to do on my next grow.

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Damn your experience and knowledge! I wanted to save 6/8kw a day :,( you killed Kenny you ba…

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@McLovin777 What do you mean by you killed Kenny.

Ha! That’s putting you at 1-1.2 kw wall watts of lighting? You’re going to big to be worried about electricity cost bro, and I wouldn’t even be messing with the autos there.

1kw minimum costs a fair bit when you add it up at the end… sucks. If like to use 1kw for a 8ft by 8ft

Hell yes it does! @McLovin777

I guess what I meant was that you probably knew or at least should’ve known that going into that purchase. And, growing autos isn’t the best application for people who are concerned about their power cost.

If you’re looking to save some cash on the power bill, get your hands on a fast flowering photo strain and run more plants so you don’t have to veg as long to fill your grow space. Then you wouldn’t have any reason not to flower under anything other than 12/12. A lot of the indica dominant photo strains flower in 8 weeks or so, which is just about as fast as any auto I’m familiar with.

You could also veg under a lot less light than you plan on flowering with, as long as it’s the right kind of light. I’m not very familiar with your grows, but there’s probably ways to save somewhere within your grow.


More plants… More trouble my friend. But I get your idea, if I set my plan in action after this I will have to quit posting and focus solely on security. 50 plants in a room 3 month to yield… maybe 40oz or more, can’t be posting that.


South park my friend Google you killed Kenny you bastards! Best episode… stans dad, little league baseball. If you don’t laugh at I’m sorry I’m sorry I thought this was America your not human ")


I see, and understand completely!

@dbrn32 that makes total sense! I’m so afraid to try autos but I really need to educate myself and figure out my teenie 32x32x53 tent space for photos and scrogging which I’ve never tried. I’m so new. I think autos were a good start for me having harvested 2 plants each yielding about 2 oz each plant. BUT my boyfriend, who does not use cannabis and pays the bills, is freaking out over the electric bill. I think I’ll her brave and try photos come spring. I’ve got nothing to lose. I dumped my last 2 SDautos today and harvest should be around election day. And I just ordered have autos for an indica grow. But somewhere in between the SDs and the face, I’m going for a photo grow. Luv your input and experience man! :seedling:

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And someone tried 6/2 with vending machines?