My plants have not started the flowering stage yet

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

My plants have not started the flowering stage yet. They’ve been going for 12 weeks already. These are auto flowering. When should I see some bud growing.

Thank you

First i would check and see I they are auto’s. I have seen people think they are autos and they are not. Did you get the seeds from ILGM.

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Possibly recessive ruderalis trait. What’s your light schedule? I’m guessing it’s higher than 12 hours light, in which case you can probably drop to 12/12 and you should see it flowering before too long.

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Photo’s please?

I did buy them through ILGM and they are autoflowering

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@Spary what does it say on label
Please dont pist pictures of label or bag tho
Ifvthey are autos you should see a fa towards the end
Example wwfa or something similar
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Happy growing :v:CB

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Hi @Spary It can be very frustrating with the autos. I have just had the same issues myself. I sprouted 3x white widow autos and 2 of the 3 did not contain the auto flowering genes. My indoor set up has only a small amount of headroom and these 2 plants quickly outgrew the space available while the other true auto was compact and short and flowered as per normal. Unfortunately I have other clones and seedlings in that cupboard so I couldnt drop the light schedule to 12/12 to trigger them to flower. They are now chilling outdoors in the greenhouse.I think the breeding of autos has been rushed a bit to try to keep up with demand and every now and then you will get some that dont contain the necessary genes to autoflower. I would recommend following @dbrn32 s leed and switch to a 12/12 light schedule. You should see some buds soon.