No flowering at 7 weeks

A question from a fellow grower:

. I’m at 7 weeks and it’s over 4 foot tall maybe 2 foot wide. I don’t mind the size but all the videos and things I read on the internet autos are smaller and you start to see flowering much earlier. It’s showing white pistils at the nodes but no flowering at 7 weeks is this weird?

it’s 45 days old over 4 foot and it grows inches in a night
It’s in a 14 gallon DWC I made I top feed the 1st month or so. I’m using humboldts secret base A+B golden tree and plant enzymes and just start flower stacker.
I’ve got a 1200 LED and a couple weeks ago I added a 1800 COB LED


Cant give you too much help as I’ve never grown autos, but possibly the photo genetics are much more present than the ruderalis genetics, enough to cause it to act like a regular plant and not an auto. Maybe try switching the lighting to 12/12 and see if that kicks it into gear. This is just a guess so wait for a few more opinions before you do anything.
That is a mighty fine looking plant btw :open_mouth:


That’s what I was thinking to… I was going to wait another week and if it didn’t start budding by then I was going to change to 12/12.
Oh and thank you. Wasn’t to sure bc it’s my 1st time.
I have one more question. How much could I expect to yield from a plant This size?

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Auto’s are generally shorter but there are exceptions. The Auto part refers to the plant to be able to flower itself without light change, although you have to give some a boost anyway by switching to 12/12 instead of 24/0 or 20/4.

Some strains are bigger than others and some plants out of the same lot of seeds will grow differently despite the fact they are from the same parent. That is just the Dominant/Passive traits of genetics.


Beat me to it tex


When you say boost with 12/12. I stay with 12/12 the whole rest of the time right?
They are autoflower blueberry haze from here. I love growing

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I was going to suggest the same thing as @BondPacker and @TxGrowman as well
Switch to 12/12 and see if that forces flowering
Yes 12/12 till harvest

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It’s all about genietics my friend she will flower when she’s ready

I so hoping so. Probably better chance it’s that rather then they sent me the wrong seeds. I did notice some more white pistols this morning!!!.

Does this look like it’s starting to flower by chance?.

It’s hard to tell with the light, can you get one in natural light?

Im going to send 4 more but I guess I can’t do it in one reply

The bottom picture appears to be pistols, but I don’t see a calyx. Maybe someone else can come in a lithe bit later

Agree Brother ! Do not see a calyx in there for certain. One place looks like one but too hard to call.

Good news everyone!. they just started budding!!!. And didn’t have to change light so they are autos! I guess there just giant. All the work with DWC and humboldts secret base and golden tree Payed off!. It just start but I’ll def keep you guys undated with pics

Good news for certain. Now the race to the finish. Good luck !

Looking good @Lutzers