Newbie questions on bud

Hi, this forum has been great helping me!!! So I am at the very end and have been curing the buds for about 3 weeks now. Was burping first week every few hours. Than 2 times a day and now down to once a week. I have never seen fresh bud before. Is this how they are supposed to look they don’t look tight and compact. Any advise ?


hello @Scott1,sounds like you have done a great job at curing your buds…
as with everything the more experience you have the better off you will be…
those buds look great to me,i do not trim all of the sugar leafs off my bud.
tightness,and density is a product of a number of factors;
genetics being two that stands out
do not beat yourself up because your buds do not look like others…grow for you…
the rest will fall into place…peace
and vote @BIGE may bud of the month! thank you


So is that something that would have been when growing? It would have tightened then?

i went from regular china lights[meizhi] to building my own lights,and you would not believe the difference they make! sun is #1 though

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So theres no way to get them tight now its too late right?

yeah its too late. more light will produce denser buds

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Yeah I figured there wasn’t just hoping thankyou

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They look fine @Newbie looks don’t get u high…

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What are your own lights

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bxeb 1120mm 3500k strips

4 K T5 2x4 first grow and room is a Closet