Newbie help please, outdoor grow with coco

A few months back a friend gave me a few seedlings that were in small plastic cups. I began researching on how to take care of them. I learned a lot from youtube, so I created my a new medium to transplant the seedlings to - coco coir and perlite. I buffered the coco using Cal-mag and began feeding the Coco Canna A and B products.
Being new to all of this I later learned that the coco medium and liquid nutrients are more designed for hydro/indoor growing ?
I am strictly outdoor planting.

So for a few weeks I fed the liquid nutrients to the plants in the back yard (in 3 gallon containers). Just a few days ago I transplanted into new 5 gallon containers using a mix of 33% coco, 33% perlite, and 33% horse manure (aged).

My question is, do I still continue to feed the liquid nutrients? Or should I stop because there’s now manure in there. Also, I read the rainwater is bad for coco plants since it will flush out the nutrients. Is this still the case?

Thanks for any advice/feedback!

Do you have any pictures ?

I grow in chicken,cow and rabbit manure. Adding perlite and coco choir to the mix. Sometimes i have to give them food in the next month or so i will give them extra food . For the pre flower stretch . I grow in pots and directly into tbe ground having decent results my plants been out for 7 weeks and some are close to 6ft

The coco with soil you should be good to go


here’s some pics. this is 4 days after being transplanted to the coco/perlite/manure mix


When you say you give them food - is it liquid nutrients or is it solid matter. organic or fertilizer?
Are you suggesting that I transplant them to new pots with soil?

You might want to pose this question over at cocoforcannabis. It’s a great resource for growing in coco with some very knowledgable people.

keep them going in your mix the plants are in mostly manure maybe 10%coco choir