Second time grower, Coco coir only

Hi All,

This is my second tie growing, I was wondering what else I should be putting in for nutrients in my coco coir. Currently, I have already added perlite, along with buying Rapid Start by GH and the Fox Farms Trio pack. Any suggestions for additives for a better growth.


You need to spend time at to learn how coco is completely different then soil.

The one thing coco needs every feeding is cal-mag. Coco needs feeding/watering everyday at least once a day.


Did ya buffer the brick of buy a bag of coco

I bought a brick of coco coir and buffered it.

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Here is Zkittlez Auto in coco 24 hour difference In watering.


I moved the plants in rotation. But water/feed thinking they may be overwater with down leaves but guess not. I’m watering everyday with nutes

Ive gone a day without watering mone and still dont get any droop on them. The were just flipped flower on the 14th so not long in flower but a few times ive went a day no water and never got droop. Im in strait canna coco no peralite or anything just canna coco with jacks 321 and some AN additives with tribus and recharge using mykos and great white with transplants. So far so good. Try one with just ccoco no peralite it requires just a hair less watering but still give ur roots a good place to breathe.


Oh wow! What are those blue crystals/rocks in your coco coir? And do they have a similar effect as perlite?

It’s aquarium rock @gcsnorth
Seems like it helps me to spread the water out when I water. Instead of just washing out a spot. I know it looks weird but that’s all I had