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going to do my first grow in coco and perlite in auto pots. My question is after I soak the seeds for 24 hours and then I put them in a moist paper towel until I get a sprout how should I prepare the coco? I would think I would start them in smaller pots before I put them in the auto pots. Any help would be appreciated. Will be using Jacks 321


Yeah, prepare a small solo cup size of the coco mix and a larger mid size pot. transplant up until you are ready for the autopot. Hand water for 10-14 days before you turn on the autopot system. This is for photo period seeds. Remember to prepare your coco with a CalMag solution first.

Autopot recommends 50/50 coco perlite, but others have done anything from straight coco to 70/30 coco perlite. Rinse the perlite and rinse the coco and then soak the coco in a CalMag solution.

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Skip the wet paper towel if possible the moving of tap root can rip microhairs. If your coco has been buffered then just hydrate it with low dose nutrient water. If it’s not then add extra cal mag every watering

Welcome to the community. I grow using auto pots and coco. Is your coco raw or amended with nutrients? Raw coco and jacks is an excellent combination. Most cultivators here will reconstitute the coco with jacks, calmag and recharge (beneficial microbes). For seedlings I have my nutrient PPMs around 300 PPMs and 5.6-5.8 PH. I increase the Jacks through the veg stage until I hit a 1000 PPMs and bump that up to 1100 in flower. Coco likes to be wet and fed daily to run off after the the 14 day seedling stage :love_you_gesture:

Forgot to mention that I top feed for 2 weeks after the seedling stage before I put them in the auto trays. I transplant autos after the seedling stage and photos as well to their forever home

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@OGIncognito just curious how much jacks you use to get around 300 ppms?

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Full strength is right around a 1000, try mixing 1.0 part A, .05epson salt, .8 of part B and test those numbers :love_you_gesture:

Bergman Plant food help?
Im sorry if Im not asking this in the right place. First timer here and I purchased the plant food along with my seeds. They are about 4 inches tall and I am reading as much as possible however I can’t find any information on using the seedling booster. When and how do I use it? Should it be diluted or added to the soil dry and when? I have a lot to learn and would appreciate any help. Thank you

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@Newby59 Well hello there Newburg!!!

Follow this chart and you’ll be fine. Welcome to the Forum!!

@Newby59 Forgot to mention but the search bar up top will be an invaluable tool for you!! Everything you need has already been pondered about 1000x’s lol!!!

Thank you, I was anxious to get the seeds started and should have done more homework before.

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