Newbie Flowering - Timing

Current starting the 5th week in flower, and starting to question.the timing as some of the trichomes appear to be turning milking if I am interpreting this correctly. My plants had a long veg due to some deficiency issues, but since flipping to flower have been doing well with the exception of some recent tip nutrient burn, most likely from not backing off the nitrogen in Jack 321 during mid flower.

Based in the genetics, I expected about another 3 weeks before harvest but would be interested in some experience feedback and suggestions.


Begin looking at trichomes in 3 to 5 weeks.


Agree with @MidwestGuy, in a few weeks the pistils will have turned colors and start shriveling closer to the buds. That’s when the start checking trichomes. Good luck!!


@M397 G’day mate yeah ya trichs mite be under you not have red pistols yet on the buds,usually after the red pistols show you looking at about 3 weeks atleast for cloudy to amber trichs…as u mentioned week 5 looks like you on track really well,good work mate :slight_smile:


Start looking at trichomes when your bud look like this


Since no one else has covered it, there’s a optical illusion created by the high intensity white light reflecting off of the glass like surface of the trichomes that will make them appear cloudy, especially in lower magnification. A loupe or digital scope will help get a better assessment when the time comes. The shade below a sugar leaf is a good place to check. Lower light intensity for a few minutes also helps with accuracy. Wanted to pass this along because I was fooled by this effect initially and discovered it on my own before reading it here on the forum.


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External Image
As previously mentioned, light causes shine or reflection on trichomes.


@OverallQuill80 G’day mate yeah good call swik noticed that also,and also found once trichs are clear each stage take about 2 weeks approximately, so be clear for 2 weeks then cloudy for 1-2 weeks, by week 8-9 then ya amber will follow pending on the strain of course,swik found was a good guide to look out for after ya red pistols have formed,an also is under hid so not sure on led lights,good topic by m397 :slight_smile:

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