Trichroms development

Here are a few photos of my girls trichroms do they look cloudy or clear to anyone?


clear to me they like 3-4weeks in flower to me plus theres no brown hairs yet so im not sure i would like it grow more 2-3 weeks


I would wait , best way to look at the tricons is from above, side pics can be very deceiving .

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You really need to look at the buds and not the leaves. They are easier to take pics of, but the trichomes on the buds are what we need to see! @adamslarryd


@bob31 is right

how long have they been budding

thank you.

Thanks for the advice.

About 4-5 weeks.

I just started week 10 flower. Mine have gone to milky & seemed to stop. ILGM gives you a guide for each strain they still but it’s a guide. Mine Ak47 & Amnesia haze were said to be done in 64 days. I probably have a week to go. Read sativas and haze strains take a little longer but you’re almost there.
This is hardest part seeing all those beautiful buds & having to just wait. Check trichs everyday. It’ll be soon.:v:

The best way to see the tricombes color is with a pocket scope or jewelers loop 20x or better mag imo
I don’t ise the pistols as a indicator of harvest either when my pistols are brown the I start watching the tricombes
@bob31 is correct also about watching the buds not the leaves as well @adamslarryd
If you can post a picture of the buds and overall plant picture as well it would hel us judge where your at in the grow
Happy growing :+1: :v: :cowboy_hat_face: CB

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