Growing impatient!

Obama OG

How much longer do you think?


Several weeks to go yet. Start looking at the trichomes when those white pistils brown and recede back into the buds.

Those flowers have some fattening up to do yet. I would guess 4 to 5 weeks.


Few weeks at least.
Dang near all the white hairs will turn dark when it’s near finished.
From all the fresh white hairs in the pictures, shes no where near done yet my freind.

How many weeks has it been in flower?


We all “grow” impatient. We bide our time with forums like this one.




Only about five. It feels like forever! LOL

Thank you everyone! I appreciate you!

How about this Purple Haze?
Less time to go, right?
The buds are a little smaller, but they seem more mature.

Started 12/12 on September 25.
Uploading: E394DC65-B70A-4583-978B-04C38F527CC6.jpeg…
Uploading: 30A89BDF-F37A-4EB0-B241-559205A72127.jpeg…
Uploading: 568463C5-FD93-4CF8-8629-A944AD2DA743.jpeg…
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Gotta wait until each picture uploads all the way my friend. Agree with the others weeks, wait until all those white pistols turn orange, then inspect tricomes. Looking awesome tho, beautiful buds, keep up the good work :+1:

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LOL I see my patience isn’t stationary.
Trying again.

Uploading: 528E1FB6-3261-4B7E-84E5-4ACEAD8D1CBF.jpeg…
Uploading: C1942AE8-CF2A-46EC-BB9F-FD4AA55BBCCB.jpeg…
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Still says uploading, wait until it finished it takes forever on my phone also, but be patient

EHS the struggle is real at least a month by just pistils

This has about two weeks left
Just try to be patient lol i know its the hardest part


Yes sir that is closer :smiley: I only see a couple white pistols so it is time to get up close and check tricomes for your desired high, I am in the same position, waiting for more amber in my case lol

I pulled a few buds off my sunset sherbert last week. Letting the rest go a few more… She looks rough but the trichomes are telling a different story :slight_smile:


Start counting the start of flowering when you see buttons. Something like this

Therefore, if the five weeks you gave started when buttons were formed and the breeder give 10 weeks as flowering time, you are about half way home. Then again, I can’t think of a time my plants came in on or before the breeder’s timing.
If the five weeks is from when you flipped to 12/12 you will have to add the transition period of 10 - 14 days.