Is she ready for harvest

First time grower. From what I read when the pistols start turning color when over 70% of them are changing color it could be time to harvest. Today is week 5 of flower. Buds are small. Any advice? Thank you.

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Looking tasty! Do you have like a jewelers lens to look at the trichomes??

Not yet…a ways to go in my opinion. Most pistils are still white. Trichomes are the best way to determine harvest time but you have some time before trichomes will be interesting to look at (other than for fun).


Ua you have weeks left.

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Is it a photo or an auto plant if it’s a photo plant it will probably be at least 8 week’s from flip of 12 and 12 check trichomes to see if it’s ready for harvest

hope this helps :thinking:

Got a ways to go
I’d go as far as saying at least a month?

Not only do you want the pistils to darken and turn inward, the trichomes on the bud(not sugar leaves) also need maturing but most importantly you have a ways to go before the buds bulk up.


Because I like big buds and I cannot lie…


Great info. I’ve been looking on the sugar leaves not the buds.


Yeah you can’t judge by those as pretty as they might look

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Judging by the pistils will make you fail. I thought the same and pulled way to early. It didn’t even get me high. I am guessing
4 to 5 weeks to go.

I would get a jeweler loupe.


Not trying to hijack your post but I was wondering the same about my

Same answer but I’d say even a bit longer. Yours still looks like buttons to me but I’m a bit noobish

We shall see if others confirm

Month to month and a half give or take

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@Mr_Wormwood has you covered. You have weeks to go. Your plants are starting to grow nicely. Welcome to the forum. You have many great growers here to help in anyway they can. Just ask away, I am sure you will get a response to your question. We have all been there. happy growing :rofl: :bat:

This is a bud 7 days before harvesting


This should help you determine exactly when you want to harvest.

I can only hope mine look like that bud. Just seems like a lot of space between flowers on mine. I also did not not trim low production stems on the lower canapé. That could be stealing some of my thunder for the top buds.


Ready set smoke away

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Yeah that’s how they look when in early stages of maturing, so all those empty spots will fill up and swell to be the big buddage you want, so patience is paramount


Looking great!

Patience my friend, good ole’ fashion patience, or you can start cutting and trimming now, but only if you want about 1/4 to 1/2 that plants potential…Throw some Big Bloom in there, you’ll have a MONSTER then!!!