New to this forum, 1st time grow started - hello all :-)

Strain; ILGM WWA

System type -1a- Started in peat pods. 1b -Soil for 1st transplant into solo cups - Hydrofarm Fox Farm FX14023 1-Cubic Foot Light Warrior Soilless Mix. 1c - Soil in 5 gal grow bags - FFOF, some perlite and worm castings mixed in.

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? na yet

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS na yet

Indoor 4x4 grow tent

Light system, size - Horticulture Lighting Group 260 Watt V2 Quantum Board DIY Kit - 3000K (plan to get a 2nd one when cash flow allows - probably next grow, still sleeping with snoopy for the coststarting this whole project correctly_worth it :-))

Temps; day - 84f night - 73f (for seedlings in incubator)

Humidity; Day, Night 50 - 70%

Ventilation system; Yes - VIVOSUN 6 Inch 440 CFM Inline Fan with Speed Controller, 6 Inch Carbon Filter and 8 Feet of Ducting Combo for Grow Tent Ventilation

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier - condo ac usually on at 70f with humidity at 50%, grow tent in loft not basement (seeing as we have no basement)

Co2; - no

misting the girls 2x day - 1 spritz on them 1 in each half of incubator to keep humidity up

question - do I start watering for real when in solo cups, or stick with the misting 2x/day to keep the roots spreading and looking for more water until I transplant to the final 5 gal homes?

10/6/19 5 WWA seeds into water/hydro peroxide to soak

10/7/19 - all seeds germinated, seeds installed in jiffy pods

10/9/19 - 3 of 5 girls sprouted

10/10 - 4th girl showed up, still waiting on the 5th

10/11 - still waiting on no.5, pics below


Welcome to the forum and good luck with your babies. May they be dull of fruit.

Hi, I’m new here to your girls are about a week behind mine but they already look better (‘cept 5 o’ corse) She’s Northern Lights Auto and probably suffering from damping off.

Looking like a good start

Here is my girl

Sorry no dome

Plants can’t really take a soaking until a well established root mass is grown in. Damp but not wet. Let em dry between. I have mine in Solo cups for only a couple of weeks myself.


Welcome to the forum!

10/12 - 4 girls transplanted to solo cups, taps played for 5th (we hardly knew her) - I sifted the peat pod she was in and found two empty seed halves, but no sign of seedling at all - perhaps she was absconded by the ganga spirits?

10/14 - pics

10/19 - Disaster - they were getting too big for the small clear solo cup/humidity domes I use, plus #2 was getting too tall and needed support. I ordered a humidifier, but it’s not coming till 10/20.
So in the meantime I put a large pan of water out with a large sponger to increase surface area for evaporation. Plus, I aimed the small fan I have at them to help strengthen the main stalks. Closed up
the tent, and when I looked about 2 hrs later, they were wilted, dried and drooping like death was moments away :frowning: . So - domes back on with extra misting.

10/20 - girls are alive but damaged, spots, and browning, but recovering from massive wilting initially seen - humidifier arrived this evening, and now i am at 81f and 74% humidity with lights on. I did
pour a bit of water in each cup to help make up for drying them out (pics). btw, when should I re-pot to forever homes; when should I start regular watering, ie before or after transplanting; and should I water the solo cups at all/or alot
before the re-pot to help keep the soil together. Also, any advice at all would be greatly appreciated

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they look nutrient burnt or something, what is the soil you put them into, and the ph…?

it may be splashed water on the leaves and magnifies and burns…

10/28 - transplanted to forever homes

11/2 - started watering with bergmans growtime 1/2 str

11/4 - moved light drivers out of tent to lower temp.
11/5 - doing good I think?

Comments, advice? totally new at this and wondering what I’ve missed

You should wait two or three weeks before you use nutrients. Because they are to young at that point. My girls are always waiting patiently for when I start using nutrients.

11/10 - starting to show nitro tox, didn’t water enough to flush old nutes properly, thus build-up

11/12 - backed off nutes, flushed a bit with distilled then bottled ph’d at 6.5

11/17 - all girls flowering, attempting some LST on tallest girl

11/19 - lowered temp to 76 and humidity to 45% or so and raised lights to approx 20" above plants

11/20 - 1/2 str bergmans flowertime once - making sure I have proper run-off this time

11/23 - still too much nutes, finally realized using hot soil and nutes = bad

11/27 - watered with tap water, ph’d to 6.5

11/30 - various types of damage showing, what if anything can I do?

They look thirsty. You can get rid of that undergrowth if you wanted. That scrog net could probably go too as their stretch looks like it should be over. The net is meant to spread the plant apart before it flowers.

12/14 - stunted girl chopped, several weeks to go on the three sisters left

12/20 - 2 hermie’d, so all 3 chopped early - 10 weeks or so total.

1/3 - 283 grams total, about 120g nice buds, 60g premie/popcorn budlets, and 103g trim. not too shabby for 1st grow ever.

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