First time indoor grower problems

Strain; AK-47
Type, Bag seed, or NA
Soil in pots, Fox farms
System type? na
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? 6.5
What is strength of nutrient mix? NA
Light system, size? 2x300 LED
Temps; Day, 68 to 75 Night 63
Humidity; Day, 55 to 70 Night 40 to 50
Ventilation system; No,
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, none,

, No

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this is the 4th week of grow. last week I replace the soil to a Fox farm the space is 2x5 closet with 2x300 LED lights at 36 inch from plants. I just realized I have been watering to much also. there is 5 plants in this grow I had been using 1 gal of water every other day to water with PH at 6.3 to 6.5 also I topped, an now see I should not have done that also.
I have grown gardens outside my whole life, and find trying to do this inside I have done everything, except run over these trying to kill these… so I need some help on this first time indoor grow. thanks


Why do you say that?


Do me a favor and lets go back over that support ticket and fill in the gaps.

What size pots, what type of FF Soil? (They make several)

What soil and pot before transplant?

When did you transplant? (Date)

How long have the leaves looked like that?

How are you pH testing and adjusting your water?

How far away from the top of your plants are your lights? ( 36 inches ) Have they always been that far away? They should be at more like 24 inches.

And you haven’t given any nutrients?


so each plant is getting roughly 3 cups of water every 2 days? and which FF soil type are you using? Ocean forest Happy Frog? is it possible to get a better picture of all plants?
Sometimes environment is a big factor so other plants would show hints too. the light may be throwing off picture or is new growth actually almost white?

I’m using 5 gal pots
I repotted them last week
they started this about 4 days ago
I moved light from 24inch away to 36 this week
I used a 5-5-5 fertilizer the day I transferred them to new pots
I’m using the fox farm ocean forest
the plant that looks the worst was my best looking last week.

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I’m testing Ph with a new digital gauge, and using the up and down from the grow store.

You burned them

Ocean Forest is an enriched soil and they won’t need anything besides pH water for about a month.

How did you give the fertilizer? @blueriver


One other datum @blueriver: I’m assuming these are auto flower and not photo period?

I do not think they are auto flower, or at least they were not suppose to be auto flower. and I do not know what photo period means.

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I gave the fertilizer mixed in water…so is there any thing I can do to help them the one that looks sick ?

Auto is auto flowering and photo means they need a light change of 12/12 to flower.

I would flush it. @blueriver

pH water only 3x the size of pot. 3 gallon pot 9 gallons of water given slowly.

Then I would wait two weeks and start nutrients at 1/4 for first feeding then increase to full strength nutrients incrementally following their feeding chart.

Move the light back to about 2.5 feet for a few days then back down to 2 feet after a few more days and keep it at 2 feet above the canopy, raising lights as they grow.


thanks for your help I will do this.


@blueriver keep me posted on how things are going!

That looks the same as the issue i had and after a flush and then keep on top of your ph 5.8 soilesz and 6.5 soil after i did tht and kept on top of my ph and with nutrients dont give the full amounts of nutrients give half or 1/4 strength and build up to what the feeding charts tell you. I hope this has been of good use to yourself.

the one that was the worst did not make it. there are still 2 that are critical, but making it still. At least on this first indoor I have done so many things wrong it has accelerated my learning curve, however it still did not feel good to loose one.

the one that was worst is RIP the two others are making it. stable, but not on the up swing yet.

ok @blueriver tag us like I tag you.

Mine would look like this @bob31 sends a different notification so I know you are speaking to me. Sorry to hear about the one that didn’t make it, lets keep those other two going! Any pics?