First grow questions…WW Auto germination

So I got my WW auto seeds yesterday and put them in solo cups with water from a spigot in my garage near my room downstairs. I have one of those cheap Camco carbon filters off amazon attached to the spigot which is what I used in the cups after balancing pH to 6.5. They were placed in my 4x4 tent for 24 hours with RH staying in 70-80 range and temp 71-74 the entire time.

I just got done pulling them from the cups and placing them on a paper towel on a plate (6 seeds btw) I did notice a little swelling and can see the seeds trying or starting to pop all 6 of them. The paper towel is folded over the seeds a few times and the there is no standing water on the plate I used a dropper and completely dampened the paper towel and just placed the plate back in the tent in the same conditions.


I measured waters pH after removing seeds and it was 7.5 (I believe I might not have mixed as well or something when I first tested) I was wondering if this is typical?

Will I be good to use the water thru that cheap carbon filter or do I need to purchase an RO system?

When I drop into their 5 gallon bags what do you guys recommend on light distance and intensity? (Here is my setup post: Link )

TL; DR I have 2 Mars Hydro TSW2000 in a 4x4 tent.

Also do I seem to be on the right track from what I seen today it seems so far so good to me?

Thanks ahead of time guys!!

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I just use my tap water (250ppm, 7.4ph) and a capful of hydrogen peroxide in a shot glass to germinate. I don’t worry about ph at this point. If they’re stubborn to crack then I’ll place them in a damp paper towel. It’s not often I need to use paper towels as they typically sprout a tail in the shot glasses


Thanks, For the rest of the grow what do you do for your water if you don’t mind me asking?

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For seedlings and early veg I usually stick to RO water so I don’t have to ph. When they get older and I start feeding is when I start the ph’ing.


Yup! I agree with @BobbyDigital, I just use room temp tap water with a few drops so H2O2

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