First grow ever(WW auto 4x4 w/ ILGM Beginner grow kit)…my setup (with pics) looking for suggestions

Hello there everyone! It’s been some years since I have been an active member of any forum and you guys on here seem to be so awesome I am looking forward to starting to be an active member of this community!


I have recently went bananas and purchased a bunch of items and I am very excited to start my first grow. I believe I have almost every thing and more that you could need. I am really just looking for opinions and suggestions from you guys on the best way to go about things start to finish with this first grow to get me going based on the things I already have. Also it should be noted that I have always been a fan of purchasing all little things necessary to do a job right the first time around especially if those tools can make things more effective and/or efficient so if you see something I am missing please let me know!!!

PS I am expecting my seeds today or tomorrow!!

What I have purchased:

[Mars 4x4 kit](MARS HYDRO Grow Tent Kit Complete 4x4ft TSW 2000W Led Grow Light Dimmable Full Spectrum,Indoor Grow Tent Kit 48"x48"x80" Hydroponics Growing Tent 1680D Canvas with 6 Inch Ventilation System

Comes with:

Mars TSW2000 LED
48x48x80” tent
6 “ in-line fan w/ Carbon filter and adjustable speed controller
Temp/hygro meter
6 5 gal grow bags
Hardware (clamps ratchet ropes etc etc)

*I also purchased another TSW2000 after reading about being able to yield more efficiently for the space I have.

Apera pH meter [Amazon](Apera Instruments AI209 Value Series PH20 Waterproof pH Tester Kit, ±0.1 pH Accuracy

Camco in-line Water filter [Amazon](Camco 40045 TastePURE Inline RV Water Filter, Greatly Reduces Bad Taste, Odors, Chlorine and Sediment in Drinking Water (2 Pack)

Solo 2L pressure sprayer [Amazon](SOLO 418 2 Liter One-Hand Pressure Sprayer, Red and White

Switchbot hub mini w/ IR blaster (to control Window AC unit remotely on/off) [Amazon](SwitchBot Hub Mini Smart Remote - IR Blaster, Link SwitchBot to Wi-Fi, Control Air Conditioner, Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, HomePod, IFTTT

Sticky bug traps [Amazon](Kensizer 30-Pack Yellow Sticky Gnat Traps Killer for Indoor/Outdoor Flying Plant Insect Like Fungus Gnats, Whiteflies, Aphids, Leaf Miners, Other Flying Plant Insects - 6x8 Inches, Twist Ties Included

Cheap UV glasses for eye protection (Amazon)

Levoit smart humidifier [Amazon](Limited-time deal: LEVOIT Humidifiers for Bedroom, Smart Wi-Fi Cool Mist Essential Oils Diffuser in one, 4L Ultrasonic Air Vaporizer for plants, baby, Quiet for home large room, nursery, 40 Hours, Classic 200S, Blue

Apera pH meter storage solution (Amazon)

Atlas scientific pH up and down solution (Amazon)

Extra ratchet rope hangers (love these things) (Amazon)

Cheap veco spray bottles (Amazon)

Switchbot smart hygrometer

Cheap lux light meter (apparently this is useless for LEDs, glad it was cheap) [Amazon](Lux Light Meter for Photography Grow Plants Led Photometer Lighting Intensity Brightness Measurement Pocket Digital Photo Illuminance Sensor

Vivosun pH and TDS meters [Amazon](VIVOSUN pH and TDS Meter Combo,…

Midea 5000 BTU window AC unit w/remote (Walmart)

2 cheap 6 inch hurricane fans (Amazon)

Smart plugs (misc)

Also have another cheap RH/temp meter

Midea cube smart dehumidifier 20 pint (Walmart)

I have 2 of the big bags of Fox Farms Ocean Forest

Was going to buy atleast one big bag of Happy Frog because of reading about the OF being too hot for auto seedlings…seen someone on here say they put top 1/3rd of 5gal pot happy frog and the rest is OF.

I am not interested in making my own soil and want to keep things as simple as possible for this first grow.

I also have the Photone app on my phone and purchased the Full spectrum LED option in the app which according to some YouTubers who ran tests is very accurate for measuring PPFD.

I purchased the Beginners grow kit here off of ILGM that comes with 20 autoflower White Widow seeds and Bergmans bottle nutrients. Link

I have all my lights plugged into smart plugs so I can remotely turn them on/off or schedule them to automatically.

I believe with my setup I should have no problems at all controlling my growing environment after sparing no expense whatsoever on AC unit, dehumidifier and humidifier, I won’t go in to details but basically I have it setup where I can remotely monitor and turn off/on any of my devices to reach my desired temp/RH. I haven’t gotten into toying with setting everything on schedules for different phases of the grow so it all works seamlessly and automatically which I should be able to do as I purchased everything fairly carefully I would be confident in saying for this setup.

My tent is in my basement which has no HVAC whatsoever and I can literally blow cold air into the tent from the unit as you can see in the pictures.

Pics: (I know it is a mess I’m still setting things up)

(Don’t mind the cat lol)

Allllrighty then….
So… should have my seeds when I wake up hopefully. Where would you guys go from here? Sorry I know it’s not too specific but just wanted to see what you vets think out there.

Thanks a lot!


Awh. What if I told you that you could’ve made your own 3x3 kit all ac infinity with a hlg light for under $600


Cool beans lol. With what lights specifically?

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Welcome to the greatest forum !!! Looks like you have done your homework A+!!! Fill your pots ,pop those beans and RELAX👍 your in good hands here!! #1 thing always monitor PH. And you’ll be fine. Ill follow along good luck!!!


Oh. The sales are all over. Only one page of lamps now. Missed it by a day or two. That sucks.

Nvm. I was on the broken side of site. With code diy10.


Welcome to the grow party!

What I would do with your layered soil solution is fill the pots with ffof, then dig out a space about the size of a solo cup to fill with happy frog. Germinate the seeds directly in to the hf spot. Probably best to drop them in a cup of water for 12-24 hours to soften up the shells.

I ran wwa from here as my first grow and used all ocean forest. Those white widows are hearty and can take dang near anything.


Your set up is fine! we all evolve and upgrade As we learn .but you got good foundation


Damn. Well thanks for the info man. Too bad I missed out on that thankfully I am fortunate enough to not stress about what I spent on my setup initially (obviously to an extent). I am happy though that many of the more expensive pieces (ac/humidifier/dehumidifier) are devices I would/could use around my home if not using for this setup which is nice to me. Especially that AC unit lol


Thank you!

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See things like that are what I was looking for and I know I will have more questions I kinda wanted to just get this post going to show my setup and get help when needed along my journey rather than screwing up and asking for help after the fact


Thanks a ton means a lot man!!!

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Welcome to the community! Looks like you’re off to a great start.


Welcome to the forum @Rich96 Solid starter setup! Looks like someone did some homework lol.


Good luck with your grow! Forgot to mention your plants probably won’t need any extra nutrients at all besides what they get from the FFOF, so until they start flowering, I’d just give them straight R.O. water maybe cal mag once a week.

You see a lot of people on here give their plants too many nutrients. That ocean forest soil should be plenty for your girls until flowering.


Looks like a very good start that should work :ok_hand::+1:


I’d watch that cat :eyes:
They are natural predators to weed

Nice set up looks like you’re off to a great start


Haha any time I open the door he’s curious lol thanks tho man

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My one dog loves to eat leaves :yum::+1:she loves to help defoliate! Then sleep all day she is old and on her last leg :cry::-1: but she acts like a puppy after she eats a few!


My cats are curious about the tent but I think they are more likely to use it as a scratching post than to eat my plants

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@Rich96 Hows your grow going?